Written by KMAC El Bey

What is a man without fearlessness?

How can there be power with the inclusion of fear?

How can you move forward with fear?

How can you succeed with fear?

How can you be one with the Most Highs having fear?


Fear is the weakest, lowest feeling in existence to me personally, but I know The Most Highs agree and I can explain why.  Satan uses fear to control his victims.  Satan rules off fear.  Satan has no power without fear, therefore it must be the weakest/lowest feeling in existence because Satan loves fear.  There is no reason to be afraid of anyone or anything on this planet, if you are one with The Most Highs.  The Most Highs are the only beings you should fear, but when you are one with the Most Highs you don't have to worry about their wrath, so technically fear is non-existent to you.  Cowards are not remembered, only fearless beings and fearless warriors leave a legacy behind.  If you live with fear, you live with no purpose in life.  You won't take any risks because you are afraid.  You won't stand up for yourself or others because you are afraid.  You bow down to Satan because you are afraid.  To have fear means you have no honor and ye deserve no respect.  You deserve no respect from another human being and The Most Highs because you fear something inferior to their power.  Lions have no fear which is why they are noble creatures because they aren't afraid of anything big or small no matter the element of habitat.  Thus is why we Tru Moors are lions and lionesses a la cat beings.  You know why I have Lionheart in my name?  Because I AM Kyran the Moor Amma's Child and I have no fear.  I'm not afraid to be true to myself and I'm not afraid to say whats real.  I will not hide who I am to fit in with lawlessness because that means you have fear of slander.  If I was surrounded by a hundred men willing to take me down, I will not be afraid and I will die swinging, somebody's coming with me.  I have Naga Serpent blood which is void of fear.  This blood, this DNA I carry is that of a warrior.  All my ancestors were fearless beings and I'm the last of my lineage.  Satan is afraid of fearless beings cause they know fearless beings are filled with power from head to toe.  Tupac Amaru Shakur, fearless.  Malcom X, fearless.  Noble Drew Ali, fearless.  Bruce lee, fearless.  Ip Man, fearless. Muhammad Ali, fearless.  Myamoto Musashi, FEARLESS!  All fearless beings.  Look at the legacy they left behind, go figure.  My turn to leave behind a legacy, my turn to spark the world because I am fearless.

13Love.  13Willings.


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