Written by Famos Amos Bey

Yah, be my hand as I use this blue pen, 
To write out this blue print.
Ink's finished! But never Diminished.
This pencil will finish Th treatment.

"Thoughts from Thot
Father of medicine IM Hotep"
Conscious 'iggas pointin' fingers
Haven't realized that they the yoke... Yep!

"I know this. I know that." 'Egros don't know yack!
All knowledge. No wisdom. Like a circle that's just goin' back
They 'joy playin' with sticks... with homies and fun toys
No balance in their midst. No women, just fun boys. 

Illusions bringin'm confusion
Smokin' substances, get "high" but feet on ground so they losin' (sigh)
Nature's High. Th Best High
Get inside and you will fly.

Don't wait 'til it's too late. Ba'als (bells) ringin', hungry, now you food, bait
To hate is to die. Naturally, Only male and female can multiply.
Humble self, Replant and RIGHT NOW seek Th Most High.