Written by Nahlah Mata Bey

If you don’t brush that good for nothing sweet talking FOOL off, {IT} WILL rot you from the inside out sooner than you could ever fathom.

Recently, I've been taking inventory and reflecting on my journey often.  Especially when I write posts such as these.  The Nahlah Chronicles is my testimony for this life through observations and experiences.  Sincerely, they remind me of just how far I've come and how much my life has changed for the better,


My own relationship has been spiraling through my mind's eye.  Thinking a lot about the progression of how I've become who I am today within the framework of this partnership and how has he helped me get here.  We're both in sound agreement on one major factor (*drum roll*).  The way he communicates with me.  He does so in such a way that reveals the reflection of respect, upliftment, 13Love and a level of brutal honesty, that in itself, let's me know he has never deceived me nor ever will try to in the near or distant future.

Through some of my own observations and past experiences, the second a man starts whispering those un-quintessential sweet nothings into your ear: you rapidly begin to lose focus, your composure becomes compromised, you enter the proverbial "no man's land" and cross your will to satiate your lower self, or better yet, your low self-esteem, lack of values /morals AND to top {IT} all off, you're no longer thinking about maintaining and building upon a relationship with TMHs.  That goo goo gaga sweet talker will have you in a hypnotic daze.  All of sudden, in your mind nothing else really matters.  That cold-blooded fool may even have you so far gone as to have you think he was Christ The Messiah himself, if he repeated {IT} enough as his demonic spirit clinches a tighter lock onto your neck, feeding on your deepest weaknesses and insecurities as he continues to whisper a never-ending melody of sweet nothings to your core.  Sooner or later you crave {IT} like some candy, even though it's bullshit, you're well aware of the circumstances because {IT's} never really been hidden from you, {IT's} on the label like "100% Natural".

The smooth talker never tells you about yourself in a way so you can remember who you are and grow closer to TMHs.  If he does mention anything, it's for his own selfish plans and ambitions for you to serve him like a house slave.  A real man sees his woman as his equal.  Any man trying to enslave a woman with flawed, age old, so called religious principles and rhetoric might be the descendant of cavemen.  The sweet whisperer will never really talk big business so you two can build together as TMHs intended.  Truthfully, how can he?  You can't support and 13Love someone that you're energetically draining simultaneously.  He'll very rarely push and motivate you to grow past what you once thought was impossible, he can't even push himself to stay strong enough to lift you up physically,

but he sure can get pushy when {IT} comes to getting some pussy.

 Let's not even re-mention if and when children come into the equation.  Read The Nahlah Chronicles: A Single Mother for more insight on that.  He'll tell you anything besides the absolute truth because he does NOT love you let alone have 13Love in his heart for you.  Just think about all the sweet nothings and dreams he sold you before you let him stick his weak, funky dick having self into your private space.  That asshole sounded like your golden, heavenly ordained soulmate after all those hours on the phone cupcaking and maybe even in person as he continued to fool you with his smooth yet played player lines, but regardless of what he says/said and what you think you've built/are building with him, {IT's} all superficial.  A big dirty ass lie.  Like the house that was built on a sandy foundation, both people will fall, yet by the mercy of TMHs, we can pick ourselves up and repent to receive grace. 

Simply, judge a tree by ets fruit.  You're the fruit of that partnership as he is.  Has anything of true value been produced so far? Have you begun to build yourself up and has your partner lent a helping hand?  These are all questions I ask myself these dats and can confidently answer with a resounding, "YES!".  We maintain equity because TMHs are the center of everything.  As I was just coming onto the path he made me focus on TMH's, being a mother, building a business and last but not least, myself.  In retrospect, this chain of events has molded me into a better partner for him because good things come travel full circle. 

As I stated in my most recent post, "A Single Mother", we all know when we're being deceived.  We all know right from wrong. My seastar Ixora tweeted this a while back...

You can’t defeat the demons you enjoying playing with.
— Ixora Maizonet