Do you or a loved one suffer from chronic petty bitch syndrome?

Here is a list of symptoms to help diagnose yourself or someone you know:

Symptom #1

Do you create drama and problems with other people out of thin air?

Symptom #2

Do you play the victim card when your own messy actions and evil ways are addressed by others?

Symptom #3

Are you associated with or group up with other petty bitches and plot to bring other people down for no good reason at all?

Symptom #4

Do you complain about situations your own messy and shitty actions lead you into?

Symptom #5

Do you blame others for their mistakes and iniquities towards you, even though you knew about them before you got into the relationships?

Symptom #6

Do you use social media to justify your own psychotic behavior and further disassociate yourself from the truth that you're full of shit?

Symptom #7

Do you use others words or quotes in an underhanded and evil effort to contort the facts in order to bend ANother peRSON'S will to feel bad for doing the right thing and not falling for your egotistical SATANIC agenda?

Symptom #8

Do you hate the success of others and think everyone is hating on you because you're too lazy to put the necessary focus into yourself and business in order to be successful?

Symptom #9

Do habitually bring private matters into public forums for your own flithy satisfaction?

Bonus Symptom

Does your breath religiously smell like fresh dog shit and hot egg yolk water?

If you or a loved one may have any of these symptoms, please consult your physician for treatment or go sit by a tree and STFU.

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