You finally love yourself for real.  Not that fake "yeah, I love myself but I still do things that contradict that statement 24/7".  You're eating healthy (plant based foods), you're doing things that you love to do and make you happy and you're no longer concerned with what other people think of you or what they're doing.  In this world of crabs in a barrel and monkey see monkey do, that's arguably the biggest obstacle of them all to overcome.  Hurt people, hurt people, but you've healed yourself to become that whole being.  13


Eating healthy set you up to have a level of mental clarity you've never had before.  Your mind is as sharp as a bread knife at a bakery.  Throw in the fact that you've started to maintain a daily routine of physical fitness and movement.  The world is yours.  You've realized mastering your body and mastering your mind go hand in hand as they are one in the same and literally interconnected.  Now when you read vital information (a la law), you comprehend concepts easily and are able to matriculate that information into applicable actions.  Who knew getting back to the basics was the foundation of focus.


All that self love and focus has you as a lean, mean righteous machine.  You don't take shit from anyone or anybody and you never allow yourself to be swayed by outside forces trying to distract you.  You've cultivated the confidence to mean what you say and say what you mean whenever you need to.  Catering to the insecurities and inner demons other people may possess is a thing of the past.  You have mastered yourself, so in turn you have mastered the world.


Hey, that abundance of self love, focus and discipline has you feeling like one confident and powerful electromagnetic being.  From studying etymology, you now know that confidence is a synonym of faith.  Frankly, your faith is so strong that you no longer fear death because you remembered that you're a child of The Most Highs and will live Forever Out Here™ as Clarity Daily®.  You took heed to the divine messages and reminders of getting back to nature, planting your feet, sitting with the ancestors in the trees and breathing in that ultimate divine life force (prana) from the many flowers of life that life herself has to offer.  You've learned how to sail in any weather and weather any storm that you may come across.  You're always prepared and never scared because you know all events in this world are put into effect by divine plans.  You know you are Amma and love her Amaru.

LIFE IS GOOD 13 13 13

  Photo credit:  fabbio  via  Foter.com  /  CC BY-SA

Photo credit: fabbio via Foter.com / CC BY-SA