Written by Norah Asanti Bey

I was having a conversation with someone recently and they suggested that I share a story about my cat.  My beautiful, lovable, strong baby gurl!  About 2 years ago, my baby gurl was on the brink of shutting down completely.  She had stopped eating, playing and moving.  I didn’t know what to do, so I immediately started searching the internet for answers.  After watching several videos, I came across a video that gave me hope.  A woman had shared her experience with her cat becoming suddenly ill.  She gave her cat apple cider vinegar (diluted in water/using a dropper).  I mixed a few drops of apple cider vinegar in 8 ounces of water and poured it into a baby bottle.  Now, let me just give you some background on my baby gurl.  She was not a very cuddly cat, and most of the time, she would avoid any contact, unless she was hungry, lol.  So, I wasn’t completely sure if she’d even LET me get close enough to pick her up, let alone feed her!  She was extremely lethargic and hadn’t really moved from the recliner chair (where she had been for several days).  Once I got the water and apple cider mixture ready, I picked her up, wrapped her in a blanket (swaddle style) and proceeded to feed her from the baby bottle.  She was so cooperate, she made me cry!  She was actually letting me hold her, feed her, help her, love her!  As the nipple released each drop, her little mouth would open and she was actually drinking the mixture, bit by bit.  We all took turns feeding this mixture to her around the clock.  A few days later, a friend/coworker visited my home.  She was actually the first person I called when baby gurl first became ill.  She was concerned and gave me her veterinarian’s phone number.  Before I called, I wanted to see if I could find a natural remedy first, which led me to the video.  When my friend (who also has a cat) arrived at my home, her heart melted.  She said baby gurl looked pretty ill; she had no idea how bad she was.  She said (paraphrasing now) “that my cat had so much personality, expression”…it was like she was saying that my cat was sort of human.  She could sense her being, just by looking into her eyes.  I told my friend, how baby gurl was MUCH better, even though it didn’t appear that way.  My friend with tears in her eyes, couldn’t fathom her being worse off.  When she first became ill, my baby boy cat (her brother) didn’t go near her.  I had actually made a mental note and wondered why he was avoiding her.  I later found out that when one cat is sick; it’s quite normal for other cats to avoid them.  After a few days, she was slowly eating and moving around.  My faith grew rapidly when I came home to find baby boy snuggled up next to her on the recliner.  We knew she was going to be alright!  My mother came over some time after this, and I told her the story.  I went on to explain how baby gurl seemed to be more open to physical contact, I could sense that she felt closer to me.  My mom, said, “She knows you helped her”.  She has changed dramatically.  She lets me snuggle up to her now.  I find myself laying on the floor next to her, mimicking her stretches and we even have this forehead rub/exchange that we do.  She even greets me when I come home or enter a room; with at least 2 minutes of dialogue, lol.

Me:  Hi baby gurl, I see you, what are you doing?

Baby Gurl: meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow!

My daughter finds it ridiculously amusing because baby gurl is actually caring on a full-on conversation, lol.  When this first happened, I wanted to share my story or make a video to inspire others with similar circumstances and give back what was given to me, but I never did.  I guess timing is everything, and the right time to share is now!  I was determined to help her and The Most Highs answered my call, THEY healed my baby gurl!

I am Forever Grateful !

13Love, 13Tra