Nobody's Perfect

You've somehow managed to turn an age old truth into the biggest excuse of the new millennium.  "Nobody's perfect" enters your mind as you romanticize your inability to make dreams a reality, as {it} soothes your never-ending affinity for not putting in the consistent effort it takes to be the greatest version of yourself for yourself.

Social Media

When's the last time you went a week without logging into your social media accounts?  Shit, when's the last time you went a day without feeling the urge to check your Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+ or any other site you may have?  Even so, when you're on there do you really use those platforms to strengthen and grow your business connects and networks?  The answer is "probably not".  In this era of memes, as soon as something happens social media will know about {it}, live tweeting while watching your favorite TV/award shows; most people spend countless hours NOT using these powerful tools to build up their own personal/private/public lives for the better.  They're constantly feeding into the {beast} of distraction; giving all of their divinely given energy to nonsense, nothing at all.

Self Hate

Do you eat healthy?  Do you meditate?  Do you walk barefoot on the grass/dirt/soil/earth in general?  Do you workout?  Do you write your own memoirs in private?  Do you even keep any of your private matters private matters anymore?  Do you actively do things that make you feel good about yourself?  When's the last time you looked into the mirror and said, "I love you"?  Or the last time you stood up and said "Thank Yah Mama, Thank Yah Father, Thank Yah Most Highs, Thank Yah ancestors and elders that paved the way for me to even be here right now this second"?  Sadly, 85% of people in the world can't recall the answers to these questions or will blatantly say "I don't".  In this weird new age of the world, true self love has become taboo, not appealing or popular, nonexistent.  It's now the norm to talk a good game, but not really BE about life (which is love).  The byproduct is a bunch of sad, mundane, empty human vessels walking around the earth with their heads down reading about whatever new nonsense has been posted to their social media feeds, or looking at others success and convincing themselves if they were that successful person they'd be more successful.  That's a sick and sad thought process and life to have.  I honestly can't even consider that an existence.  That's a dead person walking.

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