You go your whole life looking for love, but must realize your true love is within you.  How did you go from a carefree child to a worrisome adult, bothered and obsessed with finding "the one"?  Life is as simple and profound as a genuine smile.  True happiness.  Bypassed for a theory of what love is supposed to be and in the process, cling onto everything you hate about yourself vicariously through another person.  Hate is a learned trait.  Pulled outside yourself to see a realness the outside world never had to offer.  The truth is, the truth fills up your lungs and leaves your nostrils and mouth everyday.  Maybe you should keep the truth in you long enough so you can get acquainted, get familiar, get to know... be.  Still.  As you gather.  Your true nature.


   KellarW  /  Foter  /  CC BY