All 3 tie into each other and can be interrelated simultaneously, but how often do we take FULL responsibility for what we do and feel?

Not enough, in my opinion. As adults, you’d think we’d collectively have a firmer grasp of what being an adult actually is.  To be honest, more and more I’m starting to see “adults” behave as minors instead of majors.

We knowingly walk into situations and have a pretty good idea of what each outcome will probably be, but after it’s over, we turn around and point the finger away from ourselves for each problem that we have.


Are you your own person?  Do you have a brain?  Do you have full control over your mental faculties?  Do you overstand basic concepts of human relations/interactions/communications?


So why are you currently pouting like a child that threw their toy to the ground and is hurt that it is now broken?

Stop being a baby.  You’re a grown ass adult.  You know better, even though you may not have been taught better.

(Read that last sentence again.)

It’s time to take ownership of yourself.  Stop the excuses and semi-logical reasons to use crutches to your benefit.  Be the great being your were put on this Earth to be.  Love yourself.

You are love.



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