1. Shut the F*ck Up

Hey, you're probably used to crying, venting or complaining when things aren't going your way or bother you.  The first thing you likely do is pick up your phone to vent on social media or vent to somebody in your contacts.  We suggest that you turn your phone off and shut the fuck up.  Going to another person to vent about some dumb shit only passes the fucked up energy to them.  Now you have two people stricken with negative energy.  Shutting the fuck up saves lives.

2. Take some deep breaths

Instead of crying over spilled milk that's not yours (cow milk is unhealthy anyway), you should remember to take a couple deep breaths to calm your nerves and remove/release the stagnant energy that has found its way into your vessel.  Life is a gift, you should breathe deeply and give thanks for the essence that provides life.  Get out in nature, take a nature walk, touch the trees, plant your feet in the mud, sit with a tree.  Allow whatever aimless low energy to be released.  Also, giving thanks has been proven to harm no one ever in the history of existence. 

3. Do some push ups

This is more directed to the grown men that start acting/feeling like little girls that got in trouble by their parents for talking on the phone too much.  You know, "that stubborn, too proud, I didn't do anything wrong" type of attitude.  My advice is get that hoeness out of your system with this excellent hoe-buster push up routine.

4. Continue to shut the f*ck up and be still

Hey, this is a fool proof ancient remedy that many in today's world too often overlook.  The so called ego entices people to continue talking when silence is telling them to "shut the fuck up and marinate in me for clarity".  Don't sleep on silence, immerse yourself in silence like she's that woman/man you've been wanting to have relations with for the past 5 years.  After it's over, bet you'll find yourself in a healthy relationship with yah-self.  That's really what life is all about.

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   Thomas Leuthard  /  Foter  /  CC BY