Waid in the water

Waid in the water children 4x


Verse 1

Gotta get outside

In nature is where we reside

Here comes the rising tide

Ain't no need to run and hide


We gotta go within

And repent for all of our sins

Too many following djinns

A lot don't kno where to begin


Drinkin honey lemon water

Time to get yo house in order

But yall don't feel me tho

Yall still worried bout a super bowl


We gotta love each other

Protect the children and mothers

Yall all my sisters and brothers

Manifested from Divine Mother


Chorus 2x

When she fell from Grace 

Datx when we lost our place

Now they living like royalty 

Right in front our face


It gets trying sometimes

Gotta trust in the Divine

Gotta palil like 3 or 4 times a dey

Making sure we doing it the right way


We ain't got time to play

13 everything on our plate

As we depart from the hate

Agents claiming they awake


But I don't think so 

Bout ready to walk thru them doors

In dat pyramid faasho

No need to say no mo

Chorus 2x

Oooh ooo 2x


Ahh ahhh ah 2x


Hmmm hmmmm mmm 2x


Dada da da da da dada dada 2x