Written by Muurxitaw Kirkland Bey

Chorus 4x

Down by th riverside


Verse 1

So much trouble in the world

Too much poison it makes wanna Earle

Discrimination at an all time high

So much pain et makes yah wanna cry


But can't gotta be strong 

Carry the light and take my ppl home

Meditating to cleanse th aura field

Most of these ppl aint real


Love, truth, peace , freedom and yustice

Making sure to stand clear of deez bustaz

Worried bout me y don't u worry bout yourself?

Pure joy n love is sumpthin dat yall neva felt


We Tru moors in every sense of th word

We comin back wit language dat u neva heard

Betta get clarity daily n RioBey

TMHs all around u still wanna play


Chorus 4x

U ever see a rainstorm in th forest

Dat was a sight to see I couldn't ignore et

Amma mama taking all my sins away

Back resc mode ready for Anu dey


Feet was planted like sycamoor roots

Can't talk about nothin but th truth

Not takin advice from no guru

Rather listen all dey to Amaru


By th riverside where my ankhcestors live

Growin aloe n plants inside my crib

Where th dirt come from by th riverside

Where I plant my feet by th riverside


Owl came n said watx up keep yah faith up

Make sure u stay grounded so u can raise up

Too many all around facing bad luck

Now they faith in th trash like a dumptruck

Chorus 4x