Written by Muurxitaw Kirkland Bey

Verse 1

I honor virtue

I benefit wit gratitude

Too many walkin roun wit egos and attitudes

I gotta altitude


Yea dat natural high

Wat I'm sayin is facts not telling lies

Time to judge urself

Speak well of others

Honor fathers n mothers


Create harmony

Listen to th symphony

As I'm speaking dis wit sincerity

Pyramids erwhere electricity

Th shift is bringing synchronicity


Heart gotta b light as a feather

Keep pushing thru any weather

Lost ones like man itx wateva

Righteous ones creating sumpthin cleaver


Business minded we can be trusted

U a Satan seed u gon get busted

Ain't no need for greed

Only good deeds

Steady planting seeds

Shunning all deez crossbreeds


Gotta put in work

Tilling in th dirt

Making sure We taking good care of Mother Earth

The pain we must endure

Keep th waters pure

Have a good dey 



Chorus 2x

Tryna make it outta hell balance of th scales


Verse 2

I have not committed sin 

And if I did I gotta repent

Messages coming from Naga serpent 

Cause I don't act wit insolence


Don't close my ears to truth 

Even in solitude 

Most times its best to b silent

And not behaving wit violence


Going easy on th fornication 

Rather spend my time in meditation 

Have not seduced nobody wife

Dat would b livin a lawless life


I have not felt sorrow without reason

In tune wit Da changing of th seasons

Not causing disruption of peace

Striving to dat 13peak


Have not placed myself on a pedestal 

Cauz dat would caus alotta ridicule

Da world we livin in speaks so evil

Get ready for th upheaval


Not overstepping my boundaries of concern

Feet planted wit th earthworms

Bout time for th righteous turn

Them L's we gotta earn


Erday anu dey to b growing

Put yah back on a tree your aura glowing

Lightcodes comin down steady knowing

Th water bearer steady pouring


Giving praises to TMHs

Steady buzzin like a bee hive

Deez are th laws dat we live by

Au Revoir have a goodnight


Chorus 4x

Tryna make it outta hell balance of th scales