Written by YahMu Lionel Bey

1. Amma how sweet is thy name
To children that believe in you
Come all ye saints uplift thy voice
Proclaim her holy truths
Creator of the heavens
and of the earth
And the seven great seas
Who blew all of life around her sun
Supplying all our needs
Surround her throne in one accord
As all of heaven sing
Grab each others hands
Look in your heart
As one lets build this Ark!

2. Remember those that was slain
for righteousness sake
Who pave the way for me and you
Lonely nights and scornful days
For sinners ways
Were all the prophets slain
To bear thy Ankh and walk this path
Going to war with Satan's wrath
Throughout the city singing truth
While that beast was filled with rage
Blow after blow to thy head
Suffered much through every age
Mocked throughout the town
Yet carried on
how long could they endure?
Red was the moon that dark filled night as she took the crown
Now through many years
The trumpets sound
Satan's reign is falling down
Saints rise from the dead
His time is up
come all Who seeks resc
For every man Will finally see
And all souls will confess!

3. I long to see those pearly gates
One day soon to finish this race
Fighting this fight my soul awaits
When i can see her holy face
Soon i can wear my shiny Robe
A chosen few throughout the world
Trial after trial along the way
Blissed are ye that walked in faith
To be dipped Anu, Restored a Fresh
With a crown upon thy head
Yet a love so pure
Sending her Suns
Down to revive the dead
As a guide through these times
As that day is drawing near
To walk us through those very halls
To a place that sheds no tears
No pain no grief to my sheep
My reward is coming fast
To all that labored till the end
Will ye find peace at last....🔥

4. Amma help me to keep thy law
And praise thy name
Lead me to the streams and dip me in
I long to know Hashem!
To be one in one accord
And feel the fire burn
Ohhhhh Amma! Pour your spirit out
And let them feel your love!..🔥

5. I’m not ashamed to praise Amma
Or to defend Her cause;
Maintain the honor of Her Word,
The glory of Her ankh

Amma, my God! I know Her name,
Her name is all my trust;
Nor will she put my soul to shame,
Nor let my hope be lost.

Firm as Her throne Her promise stands,
And she can well secure
What ive committed to Her hands
Till the decisive hour.

Then will she own my worthless name
Before Her rightoues saints,
And in the new Yahrusalem
Appoint my soul a place!!!!!

6. All who believe OH praise Amma
And every tounge confess
That she is Th Holy one
No man can take her place

So whole and full of love
Even satan falls too
My fire that burns inside
My lamp that lights my path
My rock on unstable land

I know my Sheppard voice
And she walks by my side
My Rod in times of need
My Bread in a starving land

Amma you never left my side
One who makes me smile and cry
One who can set my soul on fire
One and give life and take away

My all in all i have no needs
My mouth is full of praise
A love beyond my dreams
I know WE been redeemed
All praises to Th queen!

7. One day soon i will see those gates
As i labor in the fields
Time after time I've shed some tears
What will my fruit yield?
My sword my shield in war
my comfort through the storm
Be ye glad our time is now!
No longer shall we mourn

8. Now! Every Eye is gonna see
Each and every righteous Seed
They will be afraid and beg for grace
My Lord won’t hear Their cry
The judge will hold the scales
No man can fool himself
Only the pure and right will rise
And see eternal life

9. Let us smile at Satan's rage her time is up saints shine thy light!
Now is the time ye take your stand as Amma shows her might
Enraged was that soulless man trapped in sin forever bound
Open the scrolls while the trumpets blows as Amma takes her crown..

10. Amma I would come to thee a sinner of defile
Oh take the stain of guilt away and own me as thy child
I cannot live in sin and feel my mother’s love
Thy Love can make my spirit clean and write my name above

11. Come ye that love Hashem and let your joys be known
Join in a song of sweet accord and thus surround the throne
The sorrows of the mind be banished from this place
Let me sit down at my mother’s feet at last I’ve found my home