Translated by Famos Amos Bey

1. Hashem, Our Yah,
Hear Us,
For our Palil,
Rise to you.
In Yahushua HaMassiach,
You told us,
We Palil, Hashem,
Open our hearts.
Ah! Show us grace,
Yah Almighty!
Turn your face
Towards your children.

2. Come, we Palil,
Change our lives
Far from error.
Our only desire
Is to choose
Th good part
Under your gaze.
May our offenses
No longer tires
Your Patience,

3. Make us Innerstand
Your Charity
And hear well
Your truth.
Yes, may your hand,
On our way,
Be, Oh Strong Yah,
Our only support!
May your power
Be our deliverance
Everyday, Oh Yah of Love.

4. Make us faithful
By your rescue,
And under your wings
Keep us Always;
Far from danger
Oh Good Shepard!
Lead our paths
Until death.
See our weakness
And support us
By your tenderness:
We belong to you!

Translated and Revised from Haitian-Creole Hymn Book.