Written by Famos Amos Bey

In the world but not of this world, we're just passin' through
Yesterday's Problems, Today's Solutions... TMHs pavin' Th Way for you
Givin' up is NEVER an option, skippin' the process is not on the menu
Only way out is through Th Sun, so eat yah honey and enjoy Th view

Persevere and Endure
Through Good and Bad
Persevere and Endure
Through Happi Days and Sad
Without Yah's Breath we would be no longer
Persevere and Endure, TLC only gettin' Stronger

Trials, Tribulations, Temptations
TMHs says Endure to rule All Th Nations
He knows just what we're going thru, a maze filled with distractions
ThAnkh Yah for Our guides, Th Cats, and Nature's actions

The Enemy seeks to destroy us
Placing burdens on us sometimes too heavy to bear
Fortunately, Christ is a Body Builder
No burden is too heavy and Amma is always there.