Translated by Famos Amos Bey

1. Leave Th world far behind you,

Come, Come with TLC;

We'll make A Nu Path daily (2x)

To Zion, our beloved. (2x)



We're making our journey to Zion,

Beautiful Zion, haven of TMHs!

Servant of TMHs, let's get ready for Zion,

So Beautiful, our Beautiful haven.


2. In heaven, there is beautiful music there,

With beautiful hymns also,

That are directing the bride of TMHs (2x)

We'll rejoice too, one day soon. (2x)


3. To get Th Victory,

We should walk beside TMHs;

Every servant will receive, (2x)

Th Glory when done with suffering. (2x)


4. TMHs, our Redeemer

Sitting on his Throne;

He'll reign in all Th Heavens (2x)

With a Crown on his head. (2x)


Translated and Revised from Haitian-Creole Song Book. 13LOVE