Translated by Famos Amos Bey

1. Keep me near you, near your heart

You are my treasure and my Savior.

Hold me, Oh Hold me, Good Yah of Love.

Help me find a place to hide in you. (2x)


2. Keep me near you; I am nothing.

I have no offerings for Yahushua, Th King;

Only a heart that is filled with sin.

Wash me, Yahushua, your essence flows for me. (2x)


3. Keep me near you, Lord Hashem(a).

It's not for this world my heart desires.

I let go of sin and all crookedness.

Give me only Yahushua, an example for all. (2x)


4. Keep me near you, in this life.

Until the time I'm there with you in glory,

For me to stay always with you,

Closer to my Savior, closer to you forever. (2x)

Translated and Revised from Haitian-Creole Song Book.