Written by Shaneli Bey

O Hashema

Please hear yah children 

For we do not know when time will end 

Yah wrath is the only thing we fear


Please, O Hashema 

Prepare us for when time is near

Guide all Yah Rightous Children safe in Yah everlasting covenant 

What is to come is all for the wrong doings from the lost children and those hungry for power


O Hashema 

Forgive us for our sins

Keep Yah Righteous Children far from evil that is to prevail 


O Mighty Sovereign Hashema 

Steer us to the right direction where Yah 13Love resides


We want nothing of this world

Our soul only wants to be with Yah 


Hmmm x2


As I ride the waves

Protect me in mah pyramid 

Let your plan, as written take place


O Hashema

Wash us clean as white linen as we gain innerstanding of what is to come

Yah 13Wisdom will cleanse our hearts ANU

Allow us to hold on to Yah wisdom as we speak to gather Yah children as Yah will 


Yah love is Mighty as waters 

Yah move me to become better than who I was 


I am that I am

A Child of Th Mighty Sovereign Hashema

I will always follow Yah


Hmmm x2