Written by Famos Amos Bey

1. No time to rush, No time to complain

Give Amma your heart and watch her rain

Takes much patience to grow through the pain

Abba loves you, sent sun to proclaim



We gonna vibrate

Vibe on High

We gonna vibrate

Vibe on High

Th Ankh Yah for Ups,

Th Ankh Yah for Downs,

We gonna vibrate

Vibe on High


2. Put on your Armor, Yes Put on Love

Th Ankh Yahushua, who came from above

Cover thyself in modesty,

Shawls, crowns, and turbans, prepare you thee


3. Do not lose hope, Turn hope to Yah's will

Let her guide you, while you just bee still

Wash in Her Waters and bath in His Sun

Bee Unified for We are One