Translated by Famos Amos Bey

1. Glory to Yah in Th Heavenly Realms
Glory to Yah here on Th Earth.
Glory to Yah, in Th Am, Noon and Evening.
Glory to Yah, Always, Everywhere.

2. Th Ankh Yah for Th Sun,
That's shining and keeping us warm;
Th Ankh Yah also for Th Rain,
You give to water our gardens.

3. Th Ankh Yah for our progeny,
For Mother, Father and Children;
Th Ankh Yah for brothers and our sisters,
That are loving and supporting us.

4. Th Ankh Yah for All our cuzzins,
Th Ankh You for All Th Righteous;
For All those that's loving you,
We are All One in Yahushua Christ.

5. Th Ankh Yah for your 13Love.
Th Ankh Yah for Yahushua Christ;
Th Ankh You for Big Amma's Spirit,
That's guiding and comforting us.

6. Forgive us for all our sins,
Clean our hearts everywhere;
Give us your grace all our days,
In order to do your will.

7. Bliss Yah that 13Loves us,
Bliss Him Everyone, Everywhere;
Bliss his Son, Yahushua Christ,
Bliss Father, Son and Amma Mama.

Translated and Revised from Haitian-Creole Song Book.


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