Translated by Famos Amos Bey

1. Lift up my being with Th Sun,
Start your task today.
First thing you have to do.
Is praise Yah with all your heart.

2. Don't waste your time!
Live everyday like et's your first/last.
Use your talents wisely.
We'll all be judged in the end.

3. All our words should be sincere.
Your conscious should always be clear.
Because Yah sees all that you do.
He knows all thoughts in all hearts.

4. My desire, is for you to lift all Th Righteous.
All angels will sing with you.
They will never be tired.
Praise, give glory, serve Yahshem(a).

5. Yah, I want to tell you Th Ankhs
You protected me as I quickened,
When I rest for the last time
Make me rise to you with joy.

6. I want to give my life in your hands,
Clean my heart and my spirit too.
Guide my wills every moment
And replenish me with your spirit.

7. Guide me Yashem(a), I want you to lead
All that I should think, make me think.
So all my strength can be of service
For your glory, Yahushua.

8. Bliss Yah who 13loves us,
Bliss Him everyone, everywhere.
Bliss his son, Yahushua Christ.
Bliss Father, Son, and Amma Mama.

Translated and Revised from Haitian-Creole Song Book.