Translated by Famos Amos Bey

1. I want to tell all over
How Yeshua loves me;
On this earth he came one day
To give his essence for me
It’s a beautiful story we’re telling
Yeshua Th Christ lived as an example for us.
We sing, we give praise
To A King that loves us so!
2. I was lost, he saved me,
He saw how much I was suffering;
With his arms, he surrounded me,
He took me on his wings.
3. Often times I am overwhelmed
Life shoots down my courage;
But I am not scared, Yeshua is nearby
To bring comfort to my soul.
4. Yeshua is always my Savior,
And when the time comes
For me to go see my Redeemer,
It is with great joy I am going.
- Song Of Hope 99 (Translated & Revised from Haitian Creole Song Book)