Translated by Famos Amos Bey

1. I am playing my part for Yeshua on my Journey;
I am working until the end of my journey;
I may fall often on my path,
However, he'll forgive me if I palil.

I am playing my part for Yeshua on my journey;
I am working regardless of how I feel
His word is the assurance I have;
In this work I shall remain.

2. There are times my heart is sad more than you know
Due to the danger I see on the path,
Yeshua said: Fear not! I'm always with you.
It's me that will hold you with me.

3. I am Happy with Yeshua, my Savior.
He'll comfort my heart always
My Righteous Ones, Come, Trust in Yeshua.
You'll see he's Loyal to Save you.

- Song Of Hope 92 (Translated from Haitian Creole Song Book)