Translated by Famos Amos Bey

1. Th Love of Hashem(a) is greater than
All the languages spoken by humans and angels,
She goes much further pass the stars,
She finds those that were almost lost.
Son of Hashem(a) find those who
Are suffering and is in sin;
If they recognize their sins,
He's ready to forgive.


Th Love of Hashem(a) is rich and pure,
She's without measure, she's strong;
This Love endures forever,
She's the song of all Th Angels.

2. When all Th days and years pass,
When all thrones, all kings fall;
When those who don't palil today
Will find Th means to be saved;
Th Love of Hashem(a) will be here forever,
She's without measure, She's strong;
Th strength of Hashem(a) to save us,
Th song of all the angels.

3. What if we could change Th waters
With ink, Th heavens for us to write;
What if all Th branches on earth was a pen
And everyone could write;
To write Th Love of Hashem(a)
Would dry up Th waters,
And Th heavens would not be able to hold,
All the deeds her love did.

- Song Of Hope 28 (Translated from Haitian Creole Song Book)