Translated by Famos Amos Bey

1. The sweet moment of palil, 
Or Yah, lifting up to me, 
Reveals itself to me as a father, 
As a savior, as a support;
Oh! Yes, I love you, blissed hour. 
I desire you with ardor, 
For often in life, 
You have saved me from the tempter (repeat last 2 lines)
2. Sweet moment of peace, holy hour
Or, on the wings of faith, 
My heart rises without constraint, 
I can not live without you. 
Be always therefore all my joy, 
All my refuge and my help, 
And that Hashem never see me
Pass without you one of my days. (repeat last 2 lines)

- Song Of Hope 193 (Translated from Haitian French Song Book)