Translated by Famos Amos Bey

1. The voice of the Lord calls me: 
Take your cross, and come, 
Follow me! I reply: Faithful Savior, 
Here I am, I am Thine!
To the end, I want to follow you, 
In the good, the bad days; 
To you to die and live, 
To you, Yeshua, forever!
2. But the path of Calvary
Is narrow and perilous, 
It is a lonely journey, 
Difficult and dark road.
3. It is necessary to leave those you love, 
To know how to be ill judge, 
To endure the very insult, 
Of the world being despised.
4. Yes, to lose one's own life,
To consent to be nothing, 
To have only one desire: 
To love Yeshua, the only good!
5. Yeshua gives grace and glory
To follow him step by step, 
With him, joy and victory, 
Peace and happiness here below!

- Song Of Hope 134 (Translated from Haitian French Song Book)