Translated by Famos Amos Bey

Chants D’esperance 7

Yeshua, sel unik esperans,

Se li sel ki bay asurans,

Li se soutiin-m, li se fos mouin

E mouin pa rete nan chemin.


Yeshua, se ou ki delivre-m;

Se ou, Sove-m, kape kinbe-m. (2 times)

Okinn lot plas pa kap kache-m,

Okinn lot non pap delivre-m,

Moun ki chouazi lot direksion,

Soufri, peri san remision. 

Min, le tout bagay vle somber,

Mouin gade Yeshua, mouin kanpe;

Le kouraj mouin ta vle febli, 

Mouin jouinn sekou nan prezans li.

Kon sa lan mo gin pou vini,

Min, toutfoua sa se pa mouri,

Avek Yeshua pa gin lan mo,

Se feminje, louvre-l lot bo.


Songs of Hope 7

Yeshua, the only hope unparalleled,

He alone gives reassurances,

He is my support, he is my strength

When I don’t stay in the path.


Yeshua, it’s you who saved me;

You, my Savior, that’s holding me. (2 times)

No other place can hide me,

No other name will save me,

People who choose another direction,

Will suffer, perish without remission.

When everything seems gloomy,

I look at Yeshua, I Stand;

When my courage seems to weaken,

I find relief in his presence.

Hence death is going to come,

However, this is not death,

With Yeshua there is no death,

Close your eyes and open them to the other side.

Photo credit:  dynamosquito  via  /  CC BY-SA

Photo credit: dynamosquito via / CC BY-SA