Translated by Famos Amos Bey

Echos Des Elus 11

Moin ginyin yon bagay

Ki fe ke moin kontan, anpil mou’n etone

Pou oue koman-m kontan, 

E m-ap toujou kontan

Espoua-m pa so sou te sa, dapre promes Bon Die

Min-m si moin te grangou,

Pat gin kay pou-m rete

Map ret tan’n gran jou sa


Pap gin pale franse, konesans pral fini

Riches pral disparet, Kris ap vini

Pap ginyin gro mesie, pap ginyin gro madanm

Nou tout va min-m bagay

Le Yeshua va vini

Li pap vini cheche savan ak zotobre

Selman li va bezoin sa ki fe volonte’l

Yo va min dan la min 

Anpil moun konveti, yo pap cheche Bon Die

Yape prie Selman pou kay avek oto

Pou kay avek oto. Sebagay kap pase

Yo pa prie Bon Die

Pou padon peche yo, fok nou fet atansyon

Paske kay ak oto

Pap monte gran jou sa.

Pou kapab al legliz, fok ou byin abiye

Sak pa gin pou’l mete pa doue chita kote ou

Ke ou ranpli ak ogey

Sonje sa Kris te di avek gran Nicodem

Si ou ta vle gin la vi, fok ou ne de nouvo

E oua we rouayom sa.

La sians ape travay malgre sa se nulman

Sak kon’n fe mechanste ap vini pi mechan

Lom pa kap bay la vi

Lom pa kap chanje lom si nou san Yeshua

Min’m si ou te lougarou

Ou te kon’n tuye moun Yeshua kapab change ou.


Echoes of The Elect 11

I have something,

That makes my heart happy, many people are amazed to see how happy I am.

And I will always be happy

My hope is not on this earth, according to the promises of Yah

Even if I was hungry,

Didn’t have a house to stay

I will wait for this great day


There won’t be French speaking, knowledge will be finished; 

Riches will disappear, Christ is coming

There won’t be large men and women

We will all be the same

When Yeshua comes

He’s not coming to get scientists and governors

He will only need those who do his will

They will be hand in hand

Many people are converted, they are not searching Yah

They are palil’n only for houses and cars

For houses and cars. These are things that will pass

They don’t palil to Yah

To forgive them of their sins, we must pay attention

Because houses and cars

Will not ascend on this great day.

To go to church, they must be well dressed

Those who don’t have to wear cannot sit next to others

Your heart is filled with haughtiness

Remember what Christ said to Nicodemus

If you want to have life, you have to be a new being and you will see the kingdom

The scientists are working even though that’s the way

Those who are doing wickedness will get more wicked

Humans cannot give life

Humans cannot change humans if you are without Yeshua

Even if you were a werewolf

You used to kill people, Yeshua can change you

Photo credit:  VinothChandar  /  /  CC BY

Photo credit: VinothChandar / / CC BY