Translated by Famos Amos Bey

Echos Des Elus 6

1. Moin pa kapab rete konsa

San-m pa panse avek Yeshua

Se li min-m ki te gueri-m

Le-m tap soufri ak maladi-m nan

Dokte pat kapab ban-m la vi

Lajan pat kapab ban-m la vi

Si-m pa panse avek Yeshua

Avek ki les pou-m ta panse


A la Ingra-m ta Ingra

Pou-m pa ta loue non Yeshua

Paske le moin te malad

Se li min-m ki te gueri-m moin

Sa se mo temouayaj moin

Pou sa Yeshua fe pou ke moin

Nou min-m kap soufri Jodi-a

Gin gnou jou na delivre

2. Moin sonje le-m gin lajan

Moin te ginyin anpil zanmi

Kounie-a vin-n malere

Tout zanmi-m yo kouri kite moin

Depi moin racontre Yeshua

Tout bagay yo te vin-n chanje

Sanatorium zanmi blie ou

Yeshua li min-m li toujou la

3. Zanmi moin yo nan le Segne 

An nou mare sintu nou fo

Pou-n pa kite tribulasion

Fe nou blie Yeshua Sove-a

Min-m si le mon-n ap kritike-n 

Yo di se tet mare nou ye

An nou repon-n ak jantiyes

Nou se tet mare pou Yeshua.


Echoes of the Elect 6

1. I cannot stay like this

Without thinking of Yeshua

It was him who healed me

When I was suffering with my disease

Doctors were unable to give me life

Money wasn’t able to give me life

If I do not think of Yeshua

Than of whom should I think of


I would be ungrateful

For me not to praise the name Yeshua

Because when I was sick

It was him who healed me

These are words of my testimony

For what Yeshua did for my heart

All those who are suffering today

There is a day you will be delivered

2. I remember when I had money

I had many friends

Now that I am unfortunate

All my friends ran and left me

Since I met Yeshua

Everything began to change

It doesn’t matter if friends leave you

Yeshua he’s always there

3. My friends who are in Yah

Let us bind our belts tight

So we don’t allow tribulation

To make us forget Yeshua our Saviour

Even if the world is criticizing us

They say that we are crazy

Let us respond in kindness

We are crazy for Yeshua.

Photo credit:  Yuval Y  /  /  CC BY-SA

Photo credit: Yuval Y / / CC BY-SA


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