Courtesy of Ciro Alma Bey

1) Unplug anything not in use (Appliances, chargers, power strips, etc.)  Even if the appliance or adapter isn't being used or on, electricity is still being circulated and transferred through the outlets.

2) Turn off conditioned air systems (AC) and open up doors and windows for fresh air!  You can create a convection effect and create a breeze throughout your home even in the muggiest conditions. 

3) Turn off gas/electric heating systems.  If you are somewhere where IT gets cold, close doors when you can, cover windows, and insulate your house so that you won't have to use any heating systems, saving money and energy.  A fireplace or wood burning stove may be of use as well. Hopefully you are able to get fresh air during the day in some way!

4) Turn off the lights when you don't need them.  Don't leave a room and keep the lights on. Use as much natural lighting as you can. Sunlight from windows and skylights as well as oil lamps.  Low lighting bulbs and light switch dimmers are also available. 

5) Don't be wasteful.  All-ways use only what you need and do the best you can to reuse, and repurpose things that you may throw out.  Composting your kitchen scraps is a great way to reduce trash and your also giving back to Mother Earth!  What you take out of the garden can go right back for the next season!

Use appliances only when you need to.  For example, only using the washer & dryer, and dishwasher when you have a full load.  You don't need to go overboard with the heat & AC (if you use them), or hot water either, set the temperatures to what you can stand and push yourself to be able to go without them.

Don't waste water or food.  Be frugal with shower time and use the coldest water you can stand to lower gas/heat use. You could use an outdoor shower from rain water as well.  Don't run the water while washing dishes, brushing teeth etc.  Try not to let your food go bad so that it becomes wasted and you have to spend more money and energy to get more.  Have extra food from the garden or market?  Can them or give them away!  Either to help someone/a family in need, a neighbor, animals, or back to nature. :) 

6) Do things yourself by not depending on things like appliances (dishwasher, washer & dryer, ovens, etc.)  Hand wash your dishes and clothes and leave them out to dry.  You can hang dry clothes out in the sun or inside.  Take days to eat only a raw meal(s) to do better for your body and reduce energy consumption.  Or you could in-joy the night outside cooking your meal in an outdoor fire oven or over a bonfire. 

7) Replace old equipment with energy efficient ones if you can.  Things like shower heads, water filters and faucets, washer & dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, light bulbs, outlets, ovens, and just about anything you can think of all have energy efficient models available.

8) Travel light.  Don't travel by "car" if you don't have to.  Save the gas, money and help keep the air cleaner.  Ride a bicycle, bus or trolly, walk, skateboard, or jog to where you have to go! Be wise with when you do have to travel by "car" if you do have to.

9) Go outside and turn everything off whenever you leave.  Go to the fuse box and switch the main switch.  This way NOTHING is powered in your home making sure no electricity is being used and also keeping your homes energy a lot cleaner for when you return.  Electricity emits EMF and ELF waves that may effect organic life, especially over long periods of continued exposure. 

10) Turn off the WiFi Router/Modem when ever you don't need access to the internet if you have it, turn it off.  This helps a lot with electromagnetic frequencies in the air (like mentioned above) as well as a huge energy saver.

11) Grow a garden!  Instead of going to the store to buy decaying food, why not have fresh, nutrient dense food right in your yard?  You'll save money, and energy from having to store things in a refridgerator/freezer.  If you do need to store foods for longer than a week or so, you can use cellars or a zeer (pot-in-pot refrigerator).

12) Go off grid where applicable.  Use solar panels and water catchment systems if you can. Solar water heaters, solar dehydrators & ovens (for foods), windmills, rain barrels, aquatic paths (for the garden), etc.

13) Use the gifts given to you.  Use what you were given naturally by the universe (Amma & TMH's).  Your creativity, imagination, heart & soul, surroundings and environment, natural talents, etc.  You were given all of these things for a reason and you can use them to find your own ways to save energy and live a Moor natural living - In Full Life.  I've found that the most beautiful things and always just what you needed come out of necessity and are usually spontaneous.  These 13 ways are only a small portion of the infinite possibilities that can be accomplished and are only here to inspire you!