Ever gained a newly formed tear in one of your garments (or perhaps a bag, blanket, curtain, etc.)?  No stress, you don't need to go waste your energy on buying something new. Repair, re-purpose or just recycle the damaged good.


An old pair of pants I have got torn and was quickly degrading.  Fortunately I've got a lil sewing kit and some middle school 'Home Economics' experience.  Always a first time for everything.


What's needed (but not limited to):

- Pair of scissors/shears

- Needle & thread (or sewing machine)

- A quality (enough) fabric for the tear (I used a folded up bandana)

- The ripped fabric


What I did:

1) I turned the fabric (pants) inside out and laid the fabric over the tear. (I could've used pins here to stabilize the positioning when sewing but they weren't available.)


2) The tear I was presented with was a triangular shape and had 3 distinct sides.  I started by threading the needle and made a "back-stitch" (you can research this) to secure the end/start of the stitch.


3) I then continued along one of the edges where my new fabric met the original by attempting a zig-zag pattern stitch for strength.  Practice makes perfect.


4) I continued this all around the pyramid shape dodging the opposite side of the pant leg and pockets with the needle as I went.


5) I finished up at the top where I started and did another attempted back-stitch and tied off the thread a few times.  Cut the excess and trimmed up the newly sewn fabric.


The tear was between two pockets and I had to stretch the fabric at one corner to reach, but the patch works well enough.  You can notice some of the fabric on the pant leg got sewn over itself a lil bit, no biggy.


What I learned for the next time:

1) Possibly cut a lil excess fabric off of the original tear to accommodate for a better proportioned patch.

2) Align the patch better where the stitch will be.

3) *Use Pins.

4) Allow for movement and flow of the fabric.

5) And to make quality stitches.


What is the main purpose of this post?  To give you an example of self reliance and sufficiency and to inspire the use of your own abilities and gifts.  You only need YOU and faith in yourself and TMH to succeed and accomplish your goals. Action w/o distraction.


You can improvise and be creative in any situation using your own power and pass experiences (Wisdom).  You don't learn much (maybe what not to do) by taking the easy way out of things, in my humble opinion. In this case, buying something new because you can.  A seed that's still kicking can always grow to bloom, a flame that's still flickering can always shine Anu.


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