Written by Shaneli Bey

Harvesting herbs are very simple to do along with extra love or should I say 13Love.  Before even grabbing the scissors and cutting the stems, always ask our beloved Mother Earth, Big Amma Mama that you will use her herbs for healing.  After all, that is why she left us thousands of herbs in the first place!! She already knew. As mamas know best lol.

First thing is to see the season of when you will be harvesting because some herbs are better to harvest in a certain season.  The herb I will talk about is the wonderful raspberry leaf.  The best time to harvest raspberry leaves is when the bush starts to flower or when the bush bears fruit.  During these times, the leaves have better flavor and the best benefits.

Now you can grab the scissors and start snipping the leaves.  Make sure you cut some stem so that you can easily hang them during the drying process.  They would look something like this:


Once you cut most of the leaves, especially the big green leaves that does not have any holes, wash them well to get rid of any dust or nasty things that linger in the air.  To dry the herbs, you can use one of those fancy salad driers.  In this case I don’t have one lol so I used a large towel and laid et on the table, along with a medium towel to help dry the herbs.  So basically the leaves will be sandwiched.


Now that the leaves are dried, I piled them together in a bunch and tied them in a string to hang them.  The leaves take about 3-4 days to completely dry.  For storage, in a container or recycled glass is the best to keep them fresh and ready for whenever you fancy for raspberry tea!  For information about raspberry leaf, I have a video on the benefits and you can look at Uprising Tea’s Herb Index.

I am more than happy to send raspberry leaf to whoever is in need. 13Love Email: uprising.tea@gmail.com