What's life without PULL UPS?!!!

If you're thinking "nothing at all", you're just our type of person and should be awarded a medal of honor for how REAL you truly are.

This workout right here MIGHT be my favorite pull up routine of all time (so far).  If you know how we do over here in sunny Flexafornia™, you know we treat pull ups like bread, coconut manna, water, mangoes, kale (yes, we're serious) because they're arguably THE GREATEST UPPER BODY WEIGHT MOVEMENT OF ALL TIME.  Et's like The Most Highs said "let's give them something that makes them happy and strong at the same time."

Pull ups help strengthen your back, arms, forearms, hand grip, core, mind and even the alignment of your spine.  Got a crook in your neck from sleeping the wrong way?  Pull ups.  Got a little stiffness in your lower back?  Pull ups?  Did your girlfriend just dump you for that guy she told you was "like her brother" for so long?  Pull ups?  Want to treat yourself to a good time on Saturday night?  Pull ups.  This heaven sent movement can literally almost get you through anything while bringing the greatest joy.

We can go on and on about the health benefits of pull ups, but let's foreshadow this workout.  (Watch this video if you need a few pull up pointers.)

Rounds 1-5

Wide Grip - 5 reps

Regular Grip - 5 reps

Palms Facing - 5 reps

Chin Ups - 5 reps

Close Grip - 5 reps


If this workout had two siblings, they’d be Quick and Efficient.

5 by 5 by 5 by 5 by 5 back to back while hitting almost every area of your back that pull ups can reach.  Whether you can do 100 pull ups in a row or 1, this routine can be tailored to be just for you.  Change the round count, mix up the hand positions from round to round or even have rounds just for one movement each.  Though, we like to switch up the grips to get a better burn and inspire our heart to start pumping and pushing out toxins so we can be light as a feather.

One round is just 25 reps (still a major accomplish if you're still a rookie and perfect for that quick rush before you step out of the door to handle business), but 5 rounds is 125 reps and 10 rounds quickly adds up to 250 reps (I don't care how you look, if you can do 250 pull ups, YOU ARE STRONG).  That's most likely more pull ups than 85% of people do in a year and you feasibly could complete this in one session depending on your fitness level.





five for five - pull ups.png

*DISCLAIMER* You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing your diet or starting an exercise program.  We are not liable for any injuries that may occur from following any of our workout routines, nor are we liable for any guarantee of results from performing any of our workout routines.  You are solely responsible for your health, safety and well being.  Lift at your own risk.