I gotta say there's something extremely spiritual about pull ups.  Maybe I'll break that down for y'all later, but at the mean time...


On my mission to do 1,000 pull ups in one day within one routine, I've been increasing my max reps along the way.  This time around, we're gunning for 400 total pull ups.  This mighty move might be the best upper body workout you can do (weights or no weights).  Incorporating your entire body into each rep is SO easy and helps to stabilize your core almost as well as planks.  Not only are you engaging your lats, back, biceps and shoulders, you may even get a little pump in your chest if your form is just right for long enough.  I'm a HUGE advocate for all forms of pull ups.


I'm using the same format as the 1991 Pull Up routine we posted a while back.  Just upping the reps and rounds.

I do this on my indoor pull up bar (best investment ever), but if you don't have one of those, substitute these palms facing and reverse chin up grips with the usual.

ROUNDS 1 & 2

Behind The Neck - 20 reps

Wide Grip - 20 reps

Palms Facing Wide Grip - 20 reps

Palms Facing Close Grip - 20 reps

Regular Width Grip - 20 reps

Chin Ups - 20 reps

Close Grip - 20 reps

Reverse Chin Ups - 20 reps

(Reverse chin ups happen when the back of your head goes in front of the bar.  This puts more emphasis/weight on your biceps and is an excellent last move)

That's RIGHT!

You're going to do 2 rounds of 160 pull ups for a running total of 320.

I'm going to do you a favor and let the last 80 be a "your choice" medley.  Pick FOUR of your favorite grips and bust out 20 reps each to reach your grand total of 400!!!! Then all of your conversations with your friends you don't need as friends can be like this. 

Hey bro, what did you do today?
— You
You know, the usual. Went on Twitter, cried and complained like a little broke bitch all day for no reason. What about you?
— Your friend
Eh, I just studied and did the 400 pull ups routine from Flexafornia™ on clairtydaily.org
— You
Ah man, I wish I wasn’t such a punk ass bitch and could do that too.
— Your friend
I know, right.
— You


Who wouldn't want that type of empowering dialogue?! lmao  But seriously, this routine is so amazing because you're building mental focus, strength and endurance and physical strength, focus and endurance AT THE SAME TIME.  Say goodbye to those days of feeling weak and doing nothing productive with your life and say aloha to these world saving pull ups.

You already know your mental and spiritual clarity levels are going to be off the charts.  You'll most likely be very sore the next few days, but that's a good thing.  Let your muscles rest and recharge so you can run through this routine again with even more ease!

1,000 pull ups coming soon!!!!






*DISCLAIMER* You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing your diet or starting an exercise program.  We are not liable for any injuries that may occur from following any of our workout routines, nor are we liable for any guarantee of results from performing any of our workout routines.  You are solely responsible for your health, safety and well being.  Lift at your own risk.