I've been kinda shying away from posting workouts dealing with weights because I know most people don't have readily available access to them or they're not into going to the gym (I am not a fan of the gym myself.. too many naked weirdos).  Personally, I have a good little setup in my garage so I'm blissed enough to be able to reap the benefits of lifting some weights while getting the natural benefit of breathing in fresh air.  Best of both worlds if you ask me and once summer hits, best believe we're moving the weights all the way outside so we can sunbathe and lift AT THE SAME DAMN TIME. WOO!!!!

This is probably my favorite chest workout.  In my younger days I used to do the same boring old 3 sets of 10 reps and thought I was really doing something with my life.  As I've gotten older, I've noticed I actually get stronger mixing things up and keeping my body guessing.  This workout is the embodiment of high reps and high rounds with moderately heavy weight.

Incline Bench Press

10 Rounds - 20 Reps Each (200 Reps total)

Flat Bench Press

10 Rounds - 20 Reps Each (200 Reps total)

Dips - Dip Station/Bar

10 Rounds - Until Failure (Aim for at least 100 total)

I'm not too fond of decline bench pressing and I've found that dips on a dip bar/station work my lower chest (shoulders too) just fine.  I start with incline because that's usually the weakest part of the chest for most people.

Within this workout, you're feasibly putting in 500 repetitions.  Might sound crazy compared to that old played out 3 sets of 10, but hear me out.  Not only are you building some serious muscle endurance, you're solidifying a foundation to be able to get stronger and stay stronger over the long haul.  I feel most people just jump right into lifting weights without first building the proper foundation or structure within the muscle itself to truly unlock and tap into their real strength potential.  With around 500 reps, you're definitely going to get a major transfer of blood your your upper body, but your strength gains will also go up quicker than you'd expect.

As always, this is just as much as a body routine as it is a mental routine.  Let's be honest, how many people truly have the patience and focus to push out 500 reps with the same consistent focus every time.  This may be more mental than anything and a strong mind/spirit/will is THE key essential ingredient in lifting any amount of weight; figuratively or literally.  I'm not even going to speak on that burn you will feel after all these reps, but just know that with the burn comes clarity and clarity is the key to many things great.  Just accept this as a wonderful gift that life has to offer.  If you're still going to the gym, start thinking about investing in your own home setup.  You'd be surprised at how much more efficient and truly healthy you'll become.  Breathing in all that air conditioning does a serious number on your mind and soul.  You don't have to sacrifice your light to be mighty.

Did I mention lifting is LIFE?!

The irony...
bird chests can’t fly.






*DISCLAIMER* You should always consult your physician or other healthcare provider before changing your diet or starting an exercise program.  We are not liable for any injuries that may occur from following any of our workout routines, nor are we liable for any guarantee of results from performing any of our workout routines.  You are solely responsible for your health, safety and well being.  Lift at your own risk.