Outside of lifting weights, this might be my favorite lower body workout.  It combines three of my hands up favorites.  I love jump squats, I love jump lunges and I'm all the way in love with jumping rope.  These three really come together to provide a full body workout embedded with every ounce of high intensity cardio, fast twitch muscle fiber building and muscle mass/endurance a being can dream of.  You can do this in the comfort of your own home, backyard or neighborhood park.  Notice, I didn't mention the gym; personally, nothing feeds the body and muscles quite like the fresh air provided by mother nature.

Round 1

10 Jump Squats

20 Jump Lunges

100 Jump Ropes

This is a simple intro to the parameters of the workout.  Feel free to increase or decrease the number of reps to suit your own fitness level.

Round 2

10 Jump Squats

20 Jump Lunges

100 Jump Ropes

You catch the drift?  We're basically doing as many rounds as your body deems possible.  Could be two rounds, could be ten rounds.  You want to rest for no more than 90 seconds between each round.  You want to keep your heart rate up and your muscles still engaged for optimal growth.  If you're outside, you'll notice that the fresh air will help you recover even more during these 90 seconds.  Let that burn purify your mind, body and soul like the earth's heat and pressure purifies carbon into diamonds.  It's that real.

I say do as many rounds as you can.  Don't have a predetermined number in your mind before you start.  Push yourself.  You mind might try to trick you into only doing three, but your body can go five or whatever number.  This is just as much a mental workout than it is a physical.  We move our bodies to master self control and build our will for life because LIFE IS MOVEMENT.  Control your actions, control your future.

You should feel every muscle being engaged with this, but the main ones will obviously be your quads, hamstrings, calves, glutes, core, shoulders (rotator cuffs) and last but definitely not least, your heart (yes, the heart is indeed a muscle).  Blood is life, so get that newly purified blood pumping from the heart into every blood vessel and cell throughout your body to really feel alive and full of energy (power).  Though, be sure not to allow your knees to bend over/past your toes because that will cause your ligaments to be under too much stress and potentially cause injury.  Remember, focus is fire and focus is always needed when training the body.

Hopefully, if done correctly and consistently, this workout will help increase your strength, power, stamina and explosion in many aspects of your life.

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Movement References

Jump Squat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utQShuge6Vk

Jump Lunge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPbrbQSkn_E

I'm assuming you know how to jump rope lol


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