1,000 squats!!!!


I AM TOO!!!!

Over the years, I've noticed most people don't know how to do a barbell squat or don't have enough faith in their strength to do a full/proper squat.  I've seen people squats until their knees are 30 feet in front of their legs, squat until their knees reach over goal line for a touchdown and squat with proper form, but only go down with the weight 2 inches.  Believe me, I've had my fair share of silent laughs watching these people.

This workout is about building a solid foundation of muscle memory now so you can lift those heavy weights with ease and proper form later.

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We're doing these with the traditional 45 pound Olympic barbell, but if you don't have access to that, by all means use your body weight.  45 pounds is light as a feather to most people, but 1,000 reps of anything will be difficult for anybody at some point.

The round/repetition scale can be somewhat flexible depending on your fitness level.  If you can do 1,000 straight, you deserve some type of prize from somebody lol.  Matter of fact, if you send us a video of you doing 1,000 straight, we'll send you a free Christ Is A Body Builder tee.

Round 1

100 Reps

Round 2

100 Reps

Round 3

100 Reps

Round 4

100 Reps

Round 5

100 Reps

Round 6

100 Reps

Round 7

100 Reps

Round 8

100 Reps

Round 9

100 Reps

Round 10

100 Reps

You get the point.

You can break down the 100 reps into smaller portions if you have to.  For example, 4 rounds of 25 or 5 rounds of 20 would be one round.  Keep in mind, if you start this workout, you HAVE to find the will within to finish this workout.  Even if this takes you hours.  The benefit of knowing you didn't quit in the end will make you a better person almost immediately.  Not many people have the will power to do one rep of any physical movement.  For you to finish 1,000 reps speaks volumes of your character and future character.  Only great things can await you.  Not to mention, a strong lower body helps to bring balance to your entire body.  The amount of mental clarity you'll encounter after this regimen will possibly be other worldly.

Your quads, hamstrings, calves, hip flexors and maybe lower back will be on fire, but that's okay.  Just remember you're turning your legs into diamond pillars able to withstand anything and everything.  You might be sore for a couple weeks, but that's your badge of honor.  Pain is just weakness finally dying off and there's always stretching.  Always remember.


There’s just something about squats that destroys negativity and brings joy to your heart... If squatting was mandatory for everyone everyday, the world would be a better place.






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