I was going to breakdown the correct squat form, but pictures and video would be easier and we're not rolling that aspect out just yet.  Apologies.  If you need some further instruction, YouTube is filled with great videos.

This is just as much a mind and will workout as it is a leg workout.  Squat til you drop, literally.  Ideally, you want to push through and do 500 in a row without taking a break longer than 30 seconds, but if you must rest, don't rest for over 2 minutes.  If you need to break this down into sets of 25, 50 or 100, handle that.  Do not let the thoughts of "fuck this", "this is stupid", "this is too hard", "I can't", "my legs hurt", "owie", "mommy!" take control of your mind.  Will yourself to complete this workout and watch your willpower and personal integrity begin to skyrocket.  A mind full of will is a clear mind.  A clear mind will allow you to tap into the spiritual essence within you that much easier.  Your will is the chariot that will carry you to higher planes.


Life is movement.

Clear Body. Clear Mind. Clear Soul.



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