Everybody’s been through relationship issues, but if you keep having issues then the underlying issue is you.

No lie, I was in the shower washing my ass and this post came to mind.  The main theme of this existence seems to revolve around and have roots in relationships, no matter what type of relationships they may be.  Relationships always seem to dictate the enjoyment or non-enjoyment people possess in this realm.  Let's finally get some clarity on this often times messy, yet should be rewarding subject.

First recorded in 1735-45; relation + -ship

1640s, "sense or state of being related," from relation + -ship.

From relation +‎ -ship.

As we suspected, at first glance, relationship comes down to a compound of two words: relation and ship.  For whatever reason, when I see "ship" I automatically think of the sea, merchant ships and commerce herself.  We'll dive into that in depth later.  Let's see what relation means.



1350-1400; Middle English: relacion < Latin: relātiōn- (stem of relātiō). See relate, -ion

late 14c., "connection, correspondence"; also "act of telling", from Anglo-French: relacioun, Old French: relacion "report, connection" (14c.), from Latin: relationem (nominative relatio) "a bringing back, restoring; a report, proposition", from relatus (see relate ).

From Anglo-Norman: relacioun, from Old French: relacion (cognate to French: relation), from Latin: relātiōnem, accusative of relātiō, noun of process form from perfect passive participle relātus (“related”), from verb referō (“I refer, I relate”), from prefix re- (“again”) + ferō (“I bear, I carry”)

Before we go into the meaning of relation, let's see what "relate" means for more info.



1480-90; < Latin: relātus, suppletive past participle of referre "to carry back"

1520s, "to recount, tell," from Middle French: relater "refer, report" (14c.) and directly from Latin: relatus, used as past participle of referre "bring back, bear back" (see refer ), from re- "back, again" + latus

From Latin: relātus, perfect passive participle of referō (“carry back; report”).



From re- +‎ ferō (“bear, carry”).

"I bear, bring, drive or carry back; I give back, give up, return, restore, pay back, repay; (of sound) I bring back, return, answer, echo; I bring back, restore, renew, revive, repeat; I say in return, respond, reply, answer; I repeat, report, announce, relate, recount, tell, say; I make known officially, report, announce, notify, proclaim."

The present stem is from Proto-Italic: *ferō, from Proto-Indo-European: *bʰéreti (“to bear, carry”), from the root *bʰer-.  Cognates include Sanskrit: भरति (bhárati), Ancient Greek: φέρω (phérō), Old English: beran (English: bear).

The perfect stem, originally of tollō, is from Proto-Italic: *tetolai, from Proto-Indo-European: *tetólh₂e (“to be holding up”), from the root *telh₂-.  The stem of lātus has the same root, reduced from Proto-Italic: *tlātos, from Proto-Indo-European: *tl̥h₂tós.  It is cognate with English: thole (“to endure”).

Wow.  There's a whole lot to take in with this one.  Let's take four deep breaths and start bringing all of this together like UMMAH.

Firstly, we see that relate means: to carry back, to recount, tell, refer, report, bring back, bear back, bear, carry, I bear, bring, drive or carry back; I give back, give up, return, restore, pay back, repay; (of sound) I bring back, return, answer, echo; I bring back, restore, renew, revive, repeat; I say in return, respond, reply, answer; I repeat, report, announce, relate, recount, tell, say; I make known officially, report, announce, notify, proclaim; to be holding up and to endure.

Again, this one is deeeeeep.  Off top, bear/carry as we've stated a few times before in previous posts like HUMBLE, BARROW, CLARITY, and NATIONALITY to name a few, cleverly trace back to mean MOOR.  In her purest essence, to Moor is to truly be 13Love and give 13Love.  We also speak on this in our COMMERCE post.  The very first merchants were Moors and they traveled around the world giving/sailing 13Love to the people of all nations.  Now you see why I referred to these things earlier at the top of the post.  Back to relate.

We also see meanings like "I say in return, respond, reply, answer, repeat, report, announce, recount, tell, say, I make known officially, notify and proclaim".  All of these meanings trace back to mean to Moor in one way or another.  If you've read our post What Is A Moor?, you'll see that Moor also traces back to mean each and everything we just listed in the previous sentence.  As Moors are divinely guided children sent by The Most High Elohim to speak, "repeat, report, announce, recount, tell, say, make known officially, notify and proclaim" the word of The Most Highs.  Which is to be 13Love and give back 13Love to your brothers and sisters around the world to promote the cultivation of LOVE, TRUTH, PEACE, FREEDOM and JUSTICE aka Ummah aka Amma Mama.  As of now, we see relationship as relation + ship aka relate + ion + ship (-ion is a suffix that denotes an action or condition of; in this case, -ion is denoting the action or condition of relate) aka the condition of the Moor/13Love of a ship.  This kind of reminds me of ESTATE, go figure.  Before we dip into what ship means, "endure" is telling me to check her out.



1275-1325; Middle English: enduren < Anglo-French, Old French: endurer < Latin: indūrāre "to harden, make lasting", equivalent to in- in-2+ dūrāre "to last, be or become hard", derivative of dūrus "hard"

From Middle English: enduren, from Old French: endurer, from Latin: indūrō (“to make hard”)

early 14c., "to undergo or suffer" (especially without breaking); late 14c. "to continue in existence," from Old French: endurer (12c.) "make hard, harden; bear, tolerate; keep up, maintain", from Latin: indurare "make hard", from in- + durare "to harden",  from durus "hard", from Proto-Indo-European: *deru- "be firm, solid"

In a somewhat shocking turn of events, we realize that relation/relate also traces back to mean: to harden, make lasting, to last, be or become hard, hard, to undergo or suffer especially without breaking, to continue in existence, bear, tolerate, keep up, maintain, be firm and sold.  I don't know if you're thinking what I'm thinking, but all of these meanings are screaming "DIAMOND DIAMOND DIAMOND DIAMOND!!!!" right to my face.  Aren't diamonds the hardest, firmest, most everlasting and solid gem on Earth?  "Diamonds last forever™".  That's just not a catchy slogan, that's all facts.  In our post about that, we uncovered that diamonds are literally Sun Moors aka Tru Moors and didn't we just remember that relate also means Moor too?  Can we get a big "GO FIGURE!" at the count of 4?  I lift weights and when I lift my muscles become hardened and firmed up after going through a lot of pressure.  I'm saying this to say that DIAMOND also denotes strength too.  Reminds again of Superman and The Incredible Hulk.  Two characters created and inspired by Tru Moors.  Long story short, a relationship means to become a diamond aka make firm/harden/solidify/strengthen/make to last a ship?

We just gotta know what ship means after all of this.



a native English suffix of nouns denoting condition, character, office,skill, etc.

From Middle English: -shippe, -schippe, from Old English: -sciepe, -scipe (“shape, form, state”), from Proto-Germanic: *-skapiz.

Middle English, Old English: -scipe; akin to shape; cognate with dialectal Frisian, dialectal Dutch: schip

word-forming element meaning "quality, condition; act, power, skill; office, position; relation between", Middle English: -schipe, from Old English: -sciepe, Anglian: -scip "state, condition of being", from Proto-Germanic: *-skapaz (cf. Old Norse: -skapr, Danish: -skab, Old Frisian: -skip, Dutch: -schap, German: -schaft), from *skap- "to create, ordain, appoint", from Proto-Indo-European root: *(s)kep- (see shape (v.)).

Suffixal use of a zero-grade i-stem noun derived from *skapjaną "to make, to create, to shape"

I won't lie, I thought we were going to have to look at "ship" as a noun, but I looked twice and noticed "-ship" was used as a suffix.  All in all, this way makes even more sense.

Let's take a second to allow all of this to marinate in our minds for clarity.  Quickly recapping what relate means: to firm, harden,  strengthen, make last and solidify.  As we've just witnessed, the suffix of "-ship" traces back essentially mean "to make, create, to shape".  Once again, I don't know if you're thinking what I'm thinking, but relationship literally means TO MAKE STRONG, TO CREATE STRENGTH AND TO SHAPE DIAMONDS AKA PYRAMIDS AKA TRU MOORS AKA 13LOVE .  I immediately think back to our post on VALUE and remember that VALUE also traced back to mean STRONG and we realized in that post that strength is also synonym of LIFE.  Furthermore!  We can take this back to our post on MIGHTY and how that word went back to mean strength and most importantly BIG AMMA MAMA herself, at the beginning, middle and end of the day!  Are we saying that a true and living RELATIONSHIP is a connection to BIG AMMA MAMA and THE MOST HIGH ELOHIM, YHASHEM AND YAHUSHUA HA MASHIACH?  Yes, we are, without question nor pause.  Big Amma Mama is THE creator of everything out here, she is the law, she if the life, she is the strength of all.  She creates all of her children to embody what she is by natural law, 13Love.  Over time, some children get lost in different dimensions and forget who they are so she sends her other sons and daughters (Tru Moors) to remind them every so often that they are 13Love aka "U R Ama".  The only way to reconnect and REMEMBER is by taking heed to the messages she speaks through her Sun and get that ass back to nature.  Nature is not referred to as "Mother Nature" just because.  Nature is where she resides and thrives amongst the ancient Ancestors, Neters and Neterus of the past.  In the trees, in the fruits, in the leaves, in the flowers, in the soil is where her essence will always be for her sweet honeybees (children).  In those same places is where her lost and disconnected children can go back, detach, detox, deprogram, repair, reprogram, remember and reclaim their birthright as her royal heirs of Heaven and Tru Moors by pure blood.  For true strength is attained through the  Will The Most High Elohim.  The flesh is weak, the spirit has forever been mighty aka Mama.

The reason why I was lead to type this is because I see a lot of people going through relationship issues all over the place.  People are having baby mama/baby daddy/boyfriend/girlfriend drama at such alarming rates.  If you're in a relationship with someone and they're not connected to The Most Highs helping to make you stronger and more in line with righteousness everyday, you're really not in a relationship at all.  You're in a Satanic illusion with a demonic spirit.  As you can clearly see now, a relationship is synonymous with 13Love and strength aka grace and truth.  If your man or woman isn't helping you build your mental, physical and spiritual body (Merkaba/ Pyramid/Diamond), you really need to let that bullshit go and focus on becoming SINGLE for your own well-being.  All these sweet talking so called men in your DMs on Twitter trying to get in your pants aren't really men at all, they're in the closet funboys because a real MAN a real MOOR a real KING will be focused on his mission of uplifting(carrying/pulling up) fallen humanity aka YOU, the womb, the women, the daughters of Big Amma Mama aka her portals of LIFE/13Love.  You're the true roses of the world that make the world stay round.  Without the women, life we cease to exist in a major way.  Don't continue to be lead astray and fooled by these sex craved, demon possessed men on these social media sites.  HONOR who you are and BE the 13Love Big Amma Mama created you to be.  Focus on the message and don't be nice (foolish) for any man out here.  A real man will teach you how to be mean in order to protect yourself from these other wolves in sheep's clothing.  After all, even roses have thorns.  Go figure.  Any man or woman that doesn't help make you stronger with the spirit of life/13Love is a waste of your time and is an energy vampire.  Doesn't matter how many times they lie and say they're someone special or try to sound knowledgeable or even claim to be Christ or a mighty spirit from the past themselves.  Drop them quick like a bad habit for your own good.  They're some G-d damned demons that need to perish.  True mighty spirits don't need to tell you who they are, their fruits and works speak for them LOUDLY.

If he’s not talking about business, he has no business talking.

Christ is a body builder.  When we say that we'rereferring to how Yahushua came back down here in the spirit of his Mother (Mary/Mama) and Father (Hashem) to uplift the women and the children first and foremost.  Rebuilding, restoring and renewing the life/faith/trust/confidence of a Queen or child is the ultimate form of bodybuilding, in my opinion.   Yahushua came to bring the salvation (life) of his father to his lost children and in his spirit, salvation means to make whole and whole means to be healthy and anything healthy is also synonymous with being at full strength and full strength is synonymous with being in full life.  Go figure that out for the 13th time.

Weak boys trick, real men uplift.

As we all now can heed to, a true relationship means the same thing.  To make strong, to make whole, to make into a diamond (a humble heavenly body) by the spirit of The Most Highs.  You have to be in the right shape to  get out of this realm through the Sun.  To think, some of these same deceiving fools probably thought I was just talking about lifting weights.

When our beloved Rabbi/Apostle Ninesun Amaru Bey told us the only relationship we needed was with The Most Highs... he was right as always.




I can do everything through Christ who strengthens me.
— Philippians 4:13 Names of God Bible (NOG)

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