I'm sure we've all come across our fair share of Petty Patties in this life in some way, shape or form.  Now's the time to learn the meaning behind the pettiness.

From Middle French: petit, English since the late 14th century.

1325-75; Middle English: peti (t) "small, minor" < Old French: petit < Gallo-Romance: *pittīttus, of expressive orig.

late 14c., "small," from phonemic spelling of Old French: petit "small"

Funny to see PETIT or PET IT to be the root of petty, yet not surprising in the least bit.  I had a feeling PET was going to be the main focus and it seems like that wasn't off base at all.  As a verb, PET means "to stroke or caress in a gentle loving manner".  If you're familiar with Da13thsun, you'll also note that IT really means anything tied to satan and evil.  If you think about it (pun intended), petty people and actions usually tend to have strong undertones of evil and deceptive spirits.  Two of the most major attributes that satantic entities possess.  In this sense, PETIT means "to stroke or caress satan in a gentle loving manner".  People can't serve two masters, so we see petty people and actions are definitely serving their step father and master satan.

As a noun, PET is "a domesticated and tame animal kept for pleasure, amusement or companionship".  If you've recently read our post on DIAMOND, you'll remember that tame and domesticated mean: weak, docile, constrained, to break, subdue, tie up, spiritless and dull.  Tame and domesticated can also trace back to the Greek root word daman, which we also explained as a variation and synonym of dam, damn and demon.  All three of those words are essentially spirits and symbols of the Anti-Christ aka anti-life/against life/against Tru Moors/children of Big Amma Mama and The Most High(s).  As a noun, in this instance, PETIT means demons of IT or IT is the master of demons.  Misery LOVES company so no wonder a pet is meant to be a tame and domesticated companion for its owner/master.  Only satan and her demons like to be around people and bother them until they're just as miserable as them.  Petty people are beast people aka 666 aka anti-Diamonds (616 Christ Allah Beings).  Maybe that's why they're always on some dumbass bullshit trying to cloud your shine once they cross your path.

Let's see what the etymology of PETIT traces back to.



From Latin: *pitittus (compare Latin: pitinnus, pitulus). "small, little; worthless; valueless; poor; of poor quality"

mid-14c., "trifling," from Old French: petit "small, little, young, few in numbers" (11c.)

Meanings like trifling, small, little, valueless, poor and poor quality definitely validate and confirm the synopsis of petty we just breezed through.  If you've read our posts on HONOR, VALUE AND GRACE, you'll see that they're all synonyms and tie back to truly mean LIFE.  Petit seems to be the antithesis of LIFE herself.  We can even make a correlation between pettiness and our post on CHAT, as that word is also within the same essence as worthless and valueless spirits.  Petty people are usually fall into that category by that which they choose to speak about.  Don't forget that communication is mostly non-verbal.  Petty words and petty actions are one in the same.  Read our post on ESTATE for more detail on that.

All the things satan and her synagogue of PETS do to disturb the peace and harmony of life really is petty as hell (see what we did there?).  What type of being would poison the air, food and water, spread lies about everything around the world, falsely rewrite history, chastise the truth, attack righteousness, then copy and paste everything backwards from The Most Highs just to make life shitty and confusing for everyone else?  The answer: a petty ass bitch always on some bullshit.  Satan is literally THE definition of IT.  Anybody in association with the spirit of pettiness is etymologically (spiritually) in league and assembly with the spirit of evil without question.  That's the total opposite of the spirit of Tru Moors aka royal children of Big Amma Mama  and The Most High Elohim.  They are foreign to IT and know how to govern themselves accordingly and leave IT alone.

Tru Moors are about love, peace, truth, freedom, justice and harmony with all living things.  Tru Moors are about being inside of the law and bringing remedy to problems and issues, not causing or being the reason a negative situation lingers on.  Tru Moors are about being happym staying balanced and not letting the ups and downs of life bring them low enough to start hating themselves or others aka being petty.  Tru Moors are about shining as DIAMOND examples forever out here and giving life (13Love) to those willing to receive so we can all rise to higher grounds as one in UMMAH aka her beloveds.  For the record on the record, TLC 13Love Community™ PRIVATE, home of the Tru Moors, has no association to petty.

Now we all know that petty people aren't about that life in any sense of the word.  They're the anti-Christ personified.  Pettiness is a synonym of death and satan herself.  Do yourself a huge favor...

Get back to nature and don't be a petty bitch.

Forever Out Here™

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