All the real ones been noble.

From Middle English: noble, from Old French: noble, from Latin: nobilis ‎(“knowable, known, well-known, famous, celebrated, high-born, of noble birth, excellent”), from noscere, gnoscere ‎(“to know”).  Displaced native Middle English: athel ‎(“noble”) (from Old English: æþele) and Middle English: hathel, hathelle ‎(“noble, nobleman”) (from the merger of Old English: æþele ‎(“nobleman”) and Old English: hæleþ ‎(“hero”)).

1175-1225; Middle English < Old French < Latin: (g) nōbilis ‘notable, of high rank’, equivalent to (g) nō-, base of (g) nōscere ‘to get to know, find out’ (see know) + -bilis -ble

c.1200, "illustrious, distinguished; worthy of honor or respect", from Old French: noble "of noble bearing or birth", from Latin: nobilis "well-known, famous, renowned; excellent, superior, splendid; high-born, of superior birth", earlier *gnobilis, literally "knowable," from gnoscere "to come to know", from Proto-Indo-European root: *gno- "to know"

We find origins like: knowable, known, well-known, famous, celebrated, high-born, of noble birth, excellent, nobleman, hero, notable, of high rank, find out, renowned, superior, splendid, hero, illustrious, distinguished; worthy of honor or respect and to know.  Sheesh, this word is power packed with nothing less than fire, etymologically speaking.  Firstly, famous, celebrated and renowned stand out to me because they're also original meanings of clarity as well.  Another connection, go figure (insert fake surprised face).  Every single one of these words denote a being of high CHARACTER aka a TRU MOOR.  Maybe that's why Noble Drew Ali was Noble Drew Ali.  I'm just saying.  Go figure part two.

Then we obviously have know/known/well-known as the kosher bread and butter for noble.  If you remember our posts on QUEEN and most recently NATIONALITY, you'll be able to connect the dots and uncover that the root origins of those words match up exactly with the root origin of noble.  Those roots gracefully traced back to mean Big Amma Mama as the all knowing and all seeing omnipresent being of the entire universe, multiverse and whatever verse you want to throw in.

While we're here, let's breakdown know for more depth.



From Middle English: knowen, from Old English: cnāwan ‎(“to know, now, perceive, recognise”), from Proto-Germanic: *knēaną ‎(“to know”), from Proto-Indo-European: *ǵneh₃- ‎(“to know”).

before 900; Middle English: knowen, knawen, Old English: gecnāwan; cognate with Old High German: -cnāhan, Old Norse: knā "to know how, be able to"; akin to Latin: (g) nōvī, Greek: gignṓskein.

Old English: cnawan (class VII strong verb; past tense cneow, past participle cnawen), "to know, perceive; acknowledge, declare", from Proto-Germanic: *knew- (cf. Old High German: bi-chnaanir-chnaan "to know"), from Proto-Indo-European root: *gno- "to know" (cf. Old Persian: xšnasatiy "he shall know;" Old Church Slavonic: znati, Russian: znat "to know"; Latin: gnoscere ; Greek: *gno-, as ingignoskein ; Sanskrit: jna- "know").

Perceive and recognise/recognize jump out at me because in my mind I tie those two with the sense of vision or sight.  We also "see" declare makes an appearance and is shockingly (fake laugh) another cousin of CLARITY.  "Be able to" sneaks in for a quick cameo and reminds me of the semi-recent post we have on MIGHTY.  They're related too?  Well, she did trace back to literally mean Big Amma Mama so that's really not too surprising, just more like amazing.  A Noble sees his Mother in himself and everything else.

To see is to know.

After going over all the facts, I'm pretty sure all my REAL ELECTRIC people can agree that noble smoothly traces back to mean a child born from The Most High Womb aka Big Amma Mama's dark, murky waters of dark matter ether.  As QUEEN translated back to mean "the womb" and know traces back to that exact root.  Words like hero, high born, high rank, notable, able, famous, illustrious, distinguished, worthy of HONOR or respect and celebrated are ALL attributes and characteristics TRU MOORS all around the world possess and exhibit on a daily basis.  They are REAL life brand ambassadors of Big Amma Mama, Yhashem and The Most High Elohim.  All of these excellent and exalted qualities reflect the qualities and attributes tied life like the perfect fitting glove.

We can even take out the vowels from noble to get NBL, flip those around to get BN-L and get BEN-EL or "Son of EL" lol.  EL is EL Elyon aka The Most High EL aka the son of Big Amma Mama, so we can still trace noble back to THE QUEEN herself.  If you've read our post on NATIONALITY, you'd remember that to be born is to bear/BARROW aka be a son/star of Big Amma Mama's dark matter womb and remaining connected to her via nature.  The true essence of "being HUMBLE".  Just like everything living thing is bound to every living thing.  The study of etymology is showcasing that this is all facts on facts on facts.  Read our previous post on UMMAH to see even more.  An everlasting union of life and 13Love akin to The Kingdom of Heaven and her heirs (RIGHTEOUS children).

All in all, the nobles are as the DIAMONDS you'll find in TLC 13Love Community™ PRIVATE, or as I like to say "The Living Christs".

Life is good 9.13

Walk like HIM.

Forever Out Here™

Clarity Daily®

Soon You Will See
— 13Clarity™


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