For clarity's sake...

From Old French: diamant, from Late Latin: diamas, from Latin: adamas, from Ancient Greek: ἀδάμας ‎(adámas, “diamond”).

1275-1325; Middle English: diamant < Old French < Vulgar Latin: *diamant-, stem of *diamas, perhaps alteration of *adimas (> French: aimant "magnet", Old Provençal: aziman "diamond, magnet"), for Latin: adamas "adamant, diamond"

early 14c., from Old French: diamant, from Medieval Latin: diamantem (nominative diamas), from Vulgar Latin: *adiamantem (altered by influence of the many Greek words in dia-), from Latin: adamantem (nominative adamans) "the hardest metal", later, "diamond" (see adamant ).

So many angles to go with this post, where should we begin?  For starters, let's recap what we have so far.  Diamond traces back to mean: diamond, magnet and adamant.  The Late Latin form of diamas is essentially a compound of two words: dia + mas.  In the Spanish language, dia means "day" and mas means "more".  You already know more is clear variation of Moor and a day is most symbolically recognized as the time when the sun is shining, so diamas really translates to mean Sun Moor.  Though, if you look a little more closely, you'll notice that mas also looks like Ma's aka Big Amma Mama, so diamas is actually Ma's Sun or Masun or Mason or Amazon/A-Ma-Son and even Amaru/A-Ma-Ru.  This also reminds me of Samson and wasn't he the strongest man to ever live?  Reminds me of one of the main characteristics of a diamond.  Go figure.

Let's see what adamant means next.


Noun, Adjective

From Latin: adamantem, accusative singular form of adamās ‎(“hard as steel”), from Ancient Greek: ἀδάμας ‎(adámas, “invincible”), from ἀ- ‎(a-, “not”) + δαμάζω ‎(damázō, “I tame”) or of Semitic origin.

before 900; Middle English < Old French adamaunt < Latin: adamant- (stem of adamas) "hard metal (perhaps steel), diamond" < Greek, equivalent to a-a-6+ -damant- verbal adjective of damân "to tame, conquer"; replacing Old English: athamans (< Medieval Latin) and Middle English: aymont < Middle French: aimant < Vulgar Latin: *adimant- < Latin

Old English from Latin: adamant-, stem of adamas, from Greek; literal meaning perhaps: "unconquerable", from a- 1 + daman "to tame, conquer"

Adjective. late 14c., "hard, unbreakable", from adamant. Figurative sense of "unshakeable" first recorded 1670s.

Noun. mid-14c., from Old French: adamant and directly from Latin: adamantem (nominative adamas) "adamant, hardest iron, steel", also figuratively, of character, from Greek: adamas (genitive adamantos) "unbreakable, inflexible" metaphoric of anything unalterable, also the name of a hypothetical hardest material, perhaps literally "invincible," from a- "not" + daman "to conquer, to tame"

Hard as steel, invincible, unconquerable, unshakeable and unbreakable huh?  Sounds like they're talking about the Man of Steel himself aka Superman.  Maybe that's why his logo is truly in the shape of a diamond (I'm just saying, don't mind me).  Aren't diamonds still within the Earth for ages being perfected by heat and pressure to last forever?  I'm just saying tho...

What honestly caught my eye the most was the root breakdown of a- "not + daman "to conquer, to tame".  The root daman seriously reminds me of words like damn, dam and demon and the fact that {it} means to conquer and tame makes so much sense.  Evil forces such as demons and lower emotions/vibrations such as damns/dams actually do conquer and tame you.  They are the complete opposite of the energies 13Love is all about (life, growth and movement).  So, to realize that a diamond is the antonym and basically immune from such energies and entities helps bring the essence and meaning of a Sun Moor/Mama Sun/Superman/Tru Moor full circle.  This further hammers down the fact that there are only two sides a being can choose from in this existence, lawful (life) or lawless (death).  Dammed water becomes stagnant and attracts parasites, mosquitoes aka energy vampires which suck your life out of you until their is nothing left, but hate, envy, jealousy, greed, lust, pride, gluttony and slothfulness.  No life/love = conquered.  Wow.  Sounds like all of these new age people out here angry and lawless but protesting and marching against the government.  Go figure again.

I'd like to see what tame is talking about.



From Middle English: tame, tome, "weak" inflection forms of Middle English: tam, tom, from Old English: tam, tom ‎(“domesticated, tame”), from Proto-Germanic: *tamaz ‎(“brought into the home, tame”), from Proto-Indo-European: *demh₂- ‎(“to build; home”).  Cognate with Scots: tam, tame ‎(“tame”), Saterland Frisian: tom ‎(“tame”), West Frisian: tam ‎(“tame”), Dutch: tam ‎(“tame”), Low German: tamm, tahm ‎(“tame”), German: zahm ‎(“tame”), Swedish: tam ‎(“tame”), Icelandic: tamur ‎(“tame”).

before 900; (adj.) Middle English; Old English: tam; cognate with Dutch: tam, German: zahm, Old Norse: tamr; (v.) Middle English: tamen, derivative of the adj.; replacing Middle English: temen "to tame", Old English: temian, derivative of tam; cognate with Old Norse: temja, Gothic: gatamjan; akin to Latin: domāre "to tame"

Old English: tom, tam "domesticated, docile", from Proto-Germanic: *tamaz (cf. Old Norse: tamr, Old Saxon, Old Frisian, Middle Low German, Middle Dutch: tam, Old High German: zam, German: zahm "tame", Gothic: tamjan "to tame"), from Proto-Indo-European: *deme- "to constrain, to force, to break (horses)" (cf. Sanskrit: damayati "tames;" Persian: dam "a tame animal"; Greek: daman "to tame, subdue", dmetos "tame"; Latin domare "to tame, subdue"; Old Irish: damnaim "I tie up, fasten, I tame, subdue").  Possible ulterior connection with Proto-Indo-European: *dem- "house, household" (see domestic ).  Meaning of "spiritless, weak, dull" is recorded from c.1600.

Tame is deep, but not in a good way lol.  With origins like: weak, domesticated, docile, constrained, to break, subdue, tie up, spiritless and dull; these are all characteristics a true and living Moor would have zero association with in public or private.  To recap, adamant means NOT weak, domesticated, docile, constrained, broken, subdued, tied up, spiritless or dull.  I'm taking a wild guess (insert sarcasm) and saying that diamond means the opposite of these lames.  Words like strong, mighty, foreign, clear, alert, free, in full life, shining and bright fit the meaning and essence of what a diamond truly is and represents.  Further thought reveals that a diamond is really within the the same spirit as CLARITY.  Go read that post for more insight and innerstanding.  In that post, we mentioned that Tru Moors are Clarity Daily® and in law, Tru Moors are also foreign to evil and satanic entities (corporations).  This sincerely ties into the true meaning of what a diamond is.  Akin to a heavenly/holy body aka a Christ Being aka a child of Hashem(a) aka an heir of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Thanks to the Illuminati freaks, we all know that 666 represents the beast state of man and essentially satan's system.  Hopefully, wow we all know that the opposite of that is truly a diamond aka that 616 crystalline/Christ-Allah being that has gotten back to nature and repaired their DNA to become unbreakable, unconquerable and by the spirit, untouched by evil's temptations and tricks within this satanic system we're currently surrounded by.  Duly note that tame means something taken out from the wild (nature) so getting back to nature is a seriously the most fundamental and important step every real being must take in order to reclaim being in full life or as we like to say "Forever Out Here™".  Pure diamonds also have the highest rating of clarity and are characterized by being free from obscurities, darkness and impurities as they shine as bright as the brightest stars in the night sky.  Which coincidentally, is the exact attribute and function of true children of Big Amma Mama, Yhashem and The Most High Elohim.  Don't forget that diamond also translated to be Sun Moor/Mason/Amaru which is really 13Love (at the beginning and end of the day).  Sun is also another clever way to say sound and sound is another clever way to say water and water is another clever way to say MRY and MRY is another clever way to say PYRAMID and last time I checked PYRAMIDS and DIAMONDS looked strickingly similar in appearance.  I guess that Superman logo has been telling us something in plain sight after all.

13Love is undefeated.

Be a diamond.

Forever Out Here™

Clarity Daily®