Honor thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be prolonged upon the land, which the Lord thy Hashem giveth thee.
— Exodus 20:12 1599 Geneva Bible (GNV)

Honor.  It's one of those words you hear, but may or may not know how to embody or respect the essence.  Thankfully, today is a new day.

c.1200, "glory, renown, fame earned," from Anglo-French: honour, Old French: honor (Modern French: honneur), from Latin: honorem (nominative honos, later honor) "honor, dignity, office, reputation,"

From Middle English: honourhonorhonur, from Anglo-Norman: honourhonur, from Old French: honor; from Latin: honor.

We went in circles a little bit as the oldest origin so far is from Latin and spelled just the same, but the current meanings we've come across so far are: glory, renown, fame earned, dignity, office and reputation.  Glory, renown and fame earned really stand out to me because they remind me of our earlier etymology post on CLARITY.  As those three meanings are three of the exact same etymological origins of clarity/clear, interestingly enough.  Let's go a little further to see what the Latin root for honor is.



"honor, esteem"

Whew.  That was a long entry. (laughs)  Looks like we need to see what esteem is talking about in order to get what we need.



1400-50; late Middle English: estemen, < Middle French: estimer < Latin: aestimāre "to fix the value of"

mid-15c., from Middle French: estimer (14c.), from Latin: aestimare "to value, appraise", perhaps ultimately from *ais-temos "one who cuts copper".

(also steemextyme), mid-14c., "account, worth," from French: estime, from estimer (see esteem (v.)).  Meaning "high regard" is from 1610s.

First at end of 16th century; from Middle French: estimer, from Latin: aestimare ‎(“to value, rate, weigh, estimate”)

Latin: estimo; Greek: "to honor or esteem"

We're viewing a general sense of: to value, appraise, one who cuts copper, account, worth, high regard, rate and estimate.  Also, VALUE makes another appearance in our series of entries.  If you read that post, you'll see strength is literally value.  We'll connect those dots later in this post.  Every root of this word seems to lead us to aestimarethe origin of estimate.  That's the next move.


1525-35; < Latin: aestimātus, past participle of aestimāre "to value, estimate";

1530s, "appraise the worth of," from Latin: aestimatus, past participle of aestimare "to value, appraise"

From Latin: aestimatus, past participle of aestimō, older form aestumo ‎(“to value, rate, esteem”)


Seems like this post is taking us on a never-ending spiral of spirals.  Now we're back to esteem, which clearly means to value.  I HIGHLY suggest you read that post if you haven't already.  To quickly recap, value means: "to be mighty, be strong, be powerful, be faithful, be confident, be trustworthy, be patient, be steadfast, be a child of The Most Highs, BE MOOR.  We all know by now that Moor/Amore means love.  In spirit, the only real value in life is 13Love."

Honor is 13Love?!

Honestly, this makes SO much sense.  To truly honor your Mothers and Fathers, ancestors, brothers and sisters and last but not least, YOURSELF.  You need to honor (value, strengthen, give yourself 13Love) so you can be the best you can be.  A true Moor is full of light and that light comes out of the body.  In other words, a true light body is a body at full strength aka at full power aka IN FULL LIFE; same concept as any other electrical instrument or even a battery since True Moors are electromagnetic energy beings/beams by design.  Our Mothers and Fathers aka ancestors live within each cell of our bodies.  As our Rabbi Ninesun Amaru Bey has stated many times, we are our ancestors and we need to free our ancestors that are within our DNA.  If we need to free them, that means they must be trapped, stuck, have obstacles in their way or don't have enough power within to break free.  That's why it is imperative to get back to nature, recite palils, help others, repay any and all karmic debt, ask forgiveness for our own iniquities, ask forgiveness for the iniquities of our ancestors and eat natural electric and magnetic foods to build up our life force (light force/cell power aka EL power) in order to free (give our cells/ancestors/ELs the clarity and power) they need to guide and empower us just the same on our respective missions here on Earth.  Just like in nature, all living things are bound to all living things.  Everything within nature gives life back to one another in some way shape or form in order to maintain and progress life for THE ALL perpetually.  A piece of fruit is taken from a tree and the seeds of that fruit are replanted carrying the essence and tradition of the parent tree while being able to provide new life to future generations to come and so forth.  A perfect example of how a true community should coexist and operate.  Sounds so much like TLC 13Love Community™ PRIVATE.  The Life We Give Is The Life We Live™ Forever Out Here™

Remember, heat rises and REAL light produces heat.  If Heaven is up, what do you think we'll need to pull or rise ourselves up to that higher realm of Christ consciousness?  HEAT!  What is heat?  Ether!  What is Ether?!  None other than the supreme spirit/essence of Big Amma Mama, the creator of the all herself.  When I read "ether", she looks like ET'S HER.  Her?!  Yeah, HER!

Now that I think about "et", HONOR sounds a lot like "ON HER".  Again, vowels are interchangeable so HONOR just needs a slight rearrangement and an "O" is changed to an "E".  Since Big Amma Mama is life herself, then HER truthfully means LIFE.  For all intents and purposes, ON HER is ON LIFE so HONOR gracefully traces back to BE the spirit of LIFE!  If we take this newly found information back to the biblical scripture at the beginning of this post, we'll see that HONOR and LIFE are loudly tied to the hip as being synonymous with each other.  WOW.  All these things life tells us that we never get to hear until we close our eyes and return to the darkness so we can regain our vision.

One more thing, HER is H = 8, E = 5, R = 9.  Yeah, you thought right!  HER is 9.13 as well!  Without a shadow of a doubt, to honor is to be HER aka having the breath of life aka her heirs to The Kingdom aka children of The Most High Elohim, Neters and Neterus aka Christ Beings aka Light Beings aka True Moors aka The Lord's Chosen aka a true and living member of TLC 13Love Community™ PRIVATE.

Honor your Mother, honor your Father, honor your sister, honor your brother, honor yourself, honor LIFE.
























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