For Adonai ‘Elyon is awesome, a great king over all the earth.
— Psalm 47:2 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)

Middle English: autorite ‎(“book or quotation that settles an argument”), from Old French: auctorité, from Latin stem of auctoritas ‎(“invention, advice, opinion, influence, command”), from auctor ‎(“master, leader, author”)

Old French: auctorité "authority, prestige, right, permission, dignity, gravity; the Scriptures" (12c.; Modern French: autorité), from Latin: auctoritatem (nominative auctoritas) "invention, advice, opinion, influence, command", from auctor "master, leader, author"

Meanings like: book or quotation that settles an argument, invention, advice, opinion, influence, command, master, leader, author, prestige, right, permission, dignity, gravity and the Scriptures really sets the tone for an awesome learning experience.  These origins remind me of attributes a Queen, King or other type of nobility may possess over a body or nation.  Obviously, we see author as the root word of authority and the suffix -ity, once again means a state of or condition of; so, authority is the condition/state of being an author.  Matter of fact, let's check out the etymology of author while we're here.



From Anglo-Norman: autour, from Old French: autor, from Latin: auctor, from augeō ‎(“to increase, originate”).

1250-1300; earlier auct (h) or < Latin: auctor "writer, progenitor, equivalent to aug (ēre) "to increase, augment" + -tor -tor; replacing Middle English: auto(u) r < Anglo-French, for Old French: autor < Latin, as above

Latin: auctor.  The Latin word is from the root of augeo, "to increase, or cause to enlarge".  The primary sense is one who brings or causes to come forth.

We see that author traces back to the Latin root of augeo and means to increase, originate, writer, progenitor, augment or cause to enlarge.  Right off the bat, The Most High creators pop into my mind as THE beings that cause things to increase, originate and to enlarge.  Basically, causing things to grow and be born.  They are indeed the supreme creators of the world and the entire universe at large, so it only makes sense that they are proven to be THE AUTHORITY forever out here etymologically.  Big Amma Mama creates, originates, develops and writes every script to every story line in this feature film we call life, through her will.  She also can hand down authority to her children to create (be co-creators) and handle duties on her behalf in her name.  After all, she is 13Love herself, so a Moor is an entirely fitting title for a child of divine origin.  A true Moor is a Christ being and Christ is a body builder and that definitely ties into making something increase or creating anew.  Go figure.  Let's dig a little deeper and see what increase means.


From Middle English: increase, from Anglo-Norman: encreistre, from Old French, from Latin: increscere ‎(“increase”), present active infinitive of increscō, from in ‎(“in, on”) + crescō ‎(“grow”).

Latin: incresco; in and cresco, "to grow".

1275-1325; Middle English: incresen, encresen < Anglo-French: encres-, Middle French: encreiss-, stem of encreistre < Latin: incrēscere, equivalent to in- "in-2" + crēscere "to grow"; see crescent

Simple and plain, increase means to grow.  In that case, an authority is someone or some essence that causes things to be grown.  I'm thinking of nature aka Mother Nature (Big Amma Mama once again) as I'm thinking about growth.  Just something about that word makes me relate it back to greenery, trees, flowers, roses, etc.  You catch my drift.  We all should know by now that all true life originates and is created within nature, where of course, Big Amma Mama, The Most Highs and our ancestors dwell.  Reminds me of the seed "Faith in the Trees".  Bottom line, nothing can grow without the divine essence found in nature; found in her soil, in her trees, in her roots, in her fruits.  All truth resides in her and those re-connected back with her.  That's why the ancestors of True Moors were called Neters and Neterus because they truly embodied nature within their beings.  Let's be honest, that's why they were depicted as green or greenish blue; the most prevalent colors found in nature.  Natural law is the highest law on the land too.  Go figure.  9.13

Did you see crescent at the very end?  Let's look that up.


From Anglo-Norman: cressaunt, from Old French: creissant ‎(“crescent of the moon”) (French: croissant), from Latin: crēscēns, present active participle of crēscō ‎(“arise, thrive”), from Proto-Indo-European: *ker ‎(“to grow”).  See Old Armenian: սերիմ ‎(serim, “be born”) and սերեմ ‎(serem, “bring forth”), Ancient Greek: κόρη ‎(kórē, “girl”) and κούρος ‎(koúros, “boy”), Latin: creare ‎(“produce, create, bring forth”) and Ceres ‎(“goddess of agriculture”).

late 14c., "crescent-shaped ornament," from Anglo-French: cressaunt, from Old French: creissant "crescent of the moon" (12c., Modern French: croissant), from Latin: crescentum (nominative crescens), present participle of crescere "come forth, spring up, grow, thrive, swell, increase in numbers or strength," from Proto-Indo-European root: *ker- "to grow" (cf. Latin: Ceres, goddess of agriculture, creare "to bring forth, create, produce", Greek: kouros "boy," kore "girl", Armenian: serem "bring forth", serim "be born"). 

MOON MOON MOON MOON!!!! These are my first thoughts as I read crescent.  A Crescent Moon!  The MOON of all things is the true meaning of Authority?!  What?!  Wait a minute, though.  We just discussed a few paragraphs ago, if you noticed lol.  The Moon is Amma Mama.  The Moon controls the currents of the water and almost everything on Earth made of mostly water/dark matter, so Amma Mama literally controls everything, even the sun/Father (the sun is made of mostly water).  Remember He is Her always.  13Love to our Father Yah, by the way.  Yet, let's breakdown MOON letter for letter for some real simple clarity.  Now we all see the M, we see the two O's and we know that vowels are interchangeable so now we can have two A's, but N is the 13th letter in Greek and M is the 13th letter in the English and Hebrew alphabets to N is M as well.  If we combine are new found characters together we get MAMA, and if we repeat these same letters and mix them up just a bit, we'll get AMMA MAMA!  Big Amma Mama is THE AUTHORITY FOREVER OUT HERE FOR THE RECORD THROUGH AND THROUGH.  There is no denying her presence, rule or command over the entire universe.  Everything and I mean EVERYTHING comes from her and goes through her before it's done and if you're not about that life, she'll just as easily get rid of your ass like a cancer cell trying to make it in a alkaline body.  Maybe that's why we need to be healthy make it out of this place. (Ponder that).

Let's recap.  Authority is clearly Big Amma Mama without question.  Her authority can be passed down and executed by her righteous children, for example, her sun/our Father Yah, executes on her behalf as the King of Kings of Heaven and Earth and his/her righteous children aka Christ beings/body of Christ get authority passed down to them to become co-creators with nature, become royal heirs and have dominion over all lesser spirits.  Sounds like a REAL sweet deal to be one her righteous children.  Big emphasis on righteous because everyone is her children, though the righteous only get the perks because they are the ones producing good fruits aka LIFE, POWER, ENERGY, 13LOVE to continue feeding the world and other righteous beings around the universe.  That's a big responsibility so one must be ready, willing and able.  By law, you can only be what your Mother is.  Claim your NATIONALITY and be a TRUE MOOR.  Now you can see why certain countries use the crescent moon on their flags and seals.  Most have forgotten or turned their backs on the true meaning and essence, but we're in the last days and everyone will be made aware and a chosen few will REMEMBER who the true authority on the planet is and always was.  Mama 9.13.





he said: “Adonai, Yah of our ancestors, you alone are Yah in heaven. You rule all the kingdoms of the nations. In your hand are power and strength, so that no one can withstand you.
— 2 Chronicles 20:6 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)


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