So, last night I was reading and researching etymology and something hit me like a cool breeze at the beach on a hot day.  This word, this word, this word; y'all gon learn today.  For the first time we're starting off in another language outside of English (which I think is pretty awesome).  Anyway, let's go swimming.

From Arabic: أُمَّة ‎umma, “community”).

Short and sweet, right?  Instantly we see Ummah/Umma means community.  We haven't even mentioned that Ummah sounds/looks like Amma/Mama and already the spirit of the word traces back to mean something the divine essence of Big Amma Mama is all about: UNITY, TOGETHERNESS AND HARMONY.  Three essential characters any forms of life must possess in order to maintain and grow forward on a universal level.  The best communities include diversity aka many different peoples from around the world unified together by one common creed or goal.  Reminds me of TLC 13Love Community™ PRIVATE.  Built in the essence of life herself, Amma Mama or Ummah Ummah.  Go figure lol.  But wait, there's more.  Let's see how deep Umma in Arabic goes.

From the root أ م م ‎(ʾ-m-m); compare أُمّ ‎(ʾumm, “mother”).  Compare Hebrew: אומה \ אֻמָּה ‎(ʾummā, "nation, people").

WHOA WHOA WHOA DUDE! We get MOTHER and NATION/PEOPLE?!  This is starting to look like our NATIONALITY etymology entry we posted not too long ago (read that if you haven't already).  So, Ummah also means mother, nation and people?  If you read that NATIONALITY post, you'd remember that we saw the true spirit of nationality traced back to be THE Mother Big Amma and The Most High Elohim.  All NATIONS and PEOPLE come from the womb, so in all reality there is only one REAL nation on the planet.  The righteous children of Big Amma Mama, THE Queen and The Most High Elohim, better known as True Moors.  The emphasis on true because they are truly connected back to the source aka (Mother Nature/Amma Mama) and have become whole and firmly rooted in her essence, laws and harmony aka trustworthy once again to be considered heirs to her vast estate (LIFE).

Maybe now is a good time to speak on numbers.  Did you notice Umma adds up to 13/13/13?  U is 21(3), M is 13, M is 13, A is 1.  21 + 1 = 22(4) which is 13(1+3). Then the Arabic root is -M-M aka -13-13 (M is the 13th letter in the alphabet, in case you didn't know).  Over the years I've seen people talk so much crap about the number 13 and how it's evil and not good and there's no power or essence within her, but BY ALL FACTS AND ACCOUNTS THE NUMBER 13 IS THE QUEEN MOTHER OF THE UNIVERSE AKA THE BEING THAT CREATES ALL LIFE AND CONTROLS ALL LIFE WITHOUT QUESTION.  Essentially, 13 is where life truly begins.  Anybody against 13 really hates themselves and at this point or any point, just a dead person that can talk.  If we flip 'UUM backwards, we also get MUU!  Go figure again lol.  Mu is Mama and the original nation/land mass on the planet.  Mama is EVERYTHING.

We're not done yet, let's see what 'UUM traces back to.

 From Proto-Semitic: *ʾimm- ("mother, origin, source")

Immediately, I see the IM aka I AM aka 9(I) 13(M).  The Mother, the womb, the origin and source of all life is literally 9.13!  Big Amma Mama IS 9.13!  Big Amma Mama IS 9.13!  Big Amma Mama IS 9.13!  I had to repeat that for clarity.  Her son and our Father who art in Heaven, YahShem, is 9.13 as well; as she passed down the AUTHORITY to HIM to act on her behalf.  A daughter/son/child can only be what their Mother is, by natural law.  He is Her for real in every sense of the phrase.

In conclusion, Big Amma Mama has really been running things forever out here since day one.  There's honestly no debating or second guessing anything AT ALL.  Anybody that tries to is by the spirit of the law a liar, thief, cheat, agent, double agent, hater, murderer, against life and the anti-Christ.  Anybody out here spreading "knowledge" and not talking about Amma Mama and the Moors are setting you up to fail eternally.  To consider anyone to be a scholar, a life coach or a leader and they fail to mention the source of ALL creation/nations, they're full of shit and you need to run away from them and get back to nature as fast as you can.  The world is changing every second of every day and only the realest people on the planet will thrive.  The realest just so happen to be the ones most connected to the Earth and Mother Nature aka Big Amma Mama, YahShem and The Most High Elohim, Neters and Neterus.

If you study nature, you'll notice everything is in perfect harmony because everything is in perfect order.  Nature is self sustainable in every aspect.  From the soil, to the trees, to the birds, animals, aquatic life and the bees.  The only time nature gets in any trouble is when out of nature humans waltz in messing up the place like a team of drunk jocks at the club after a big game.  Life (nature) just like any other sound being will only put up with nonsense for so long until it's time to clean up house and restore order before things get too messy.  That's when Mama sends her children with the AUTHORITY (the True Moors) to gather and help heal those ready and willing to get right before the end approaches.  In this current world, most people are so far gone into lawless nonsense that only a chosen few will get out of harm's way this time around (15%).  They will link up and mold themselves into a clean and pure nation of Moors (sovereign children of The Most Highs).  That community is TLC 13Love Community™ PRIVATE.  Funny how clean is also a synonym of clarity.  Go figure.  Remember, life is the law.  If you read Ummah backwards you get Hammu, which is the first part of Hammurabi (Hammurabi Codes) and surprisingly (insert sarcasm) have been reinstated as the law of the land once again.  When chaos gets too out of hand, here comes the law aka Ummah back to restore order with the remedy.  13Love

13Love to THE Rabbi/Apostle Ninesun Amaru Bey for bringing many into one.


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My son, heed the discipline of your father,
and do not abandon the teaching of your mother;
— Proverbs 1:8 Complete Jewish Bible (CJB)