For me, ‘aye’ is the embodiment and expression of the excitement, vigor, joy and happiness true life has always had to offer.
— Omar Amaru Bey

I had never thought to look up my favorite word until I was doing some follow up on our most recent post (Justice).  If you follow me on Twitter, I'm pretty sure you've seen me tweet "ayeeee" at least 10,000,000 times.  This find was so fire and seamlessly meshed within everything the brand is about, I just had to type something up immediately.

"always, ever", c.1200, from Old Norse: ei "ever" (cognate with Old English: a "always, ever"), from Proto-Indo-European: *aiw- "vital force, life, long life, eternity" (cf. Greek: aion "age, eternity," Latin: aevum "space of time").

From Middle English: aye, ai, agg, from Old Norse: ei, ey, from Proto-Germanic: *ī́ui ‎(“ever, always”) (compare Old English: ā, ō, Middle Dutch: ie, German: je), accusative of *aiwaz ‎(“age; law”) (compare Old English: ǣ(w) ‎(“law”), West Frisian: ieu ‎(“century”), Dutch: eeuw ‎(“century”)), from Proto-Indo-European: *h₂eyu- ‎(“long time”) (compare Irish: aois ‎(“age, period”), Breton: oad ‎(“age, period”), Latin: ævum ‎(“eternity”), Ancient Greek: αἰών ‎(aiṓn)).

Ever, always, vital force, life, long life, eternity, age, space of time, law, century, long time and period.  The depth of this simple 3-letter word is profound.  Here we see law once again trace back to mean the same exact thing as LIFE herself.  There's no debating that law is life, life is 13Love and 13Love is what Big Amma Mama is all about.  Real love aka real life lasts forever.  The Proto-Indo-European root *h₂eyu- reminds me of "Hey you! Life is GOOD!" and is also the same root word origin of JUSTICE.  Go figure.

AYE is also connected to the very ancient title of The Most High Elohim "Eyeyah Ahayah" bka "I Am That I Am" aka IM aka 9.13.  In a major way, AYE is like calling on and giving praise to The Most Highs using the same letters in a different order without a doubt.  If you've already read our post on JUSTICE, you'll remember that YAH and LAW/LIFE are one in the same and that means AYE is YAH/LAW/LIFE too.  Who would've thunk, huh?

Who knew my favorite thing to say to people would trace back to mean the same thing as our slogan, "Forever Out Here™", pay homage and praise to Big Amma Mama and The Most High Elohim, put on the record that I'm lawful and in full life and in turn give life and 13Love to my righteous cousins of TLC 13Love Community™ PRIVATE around the world?

Aye is also literally saying the letter "A", which is a symbol for pyramids and we already know pyramids are lighthouses aka True Moors and the letter "A" in Hebrew is a symbol for a bull, which in turn again, is a symbol for True Moors; as bulls till and cultivate the Earth for crops to grow, True Moors do the same; till and cultivate the Earth and the minds, bodies and spirits of the righteous children all around the world for maximum growth so they can enter the gates of Heaven aka Eternal Life or for this post "AYE!".

Oh yeah, one last thing.  AYE adds up to 13 as well lol.  A = 1, Y = 25 (7), E = 5.  1 + 7 +5 = 13.  I'll just leave this right here.

Can we get a 3rd go figure with a cherry tree on top?

You just gotta love etymology lol

Forever Out Here™

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