I used to look for the etymology/origins of pyramid online and could NEVER find anything of substance.  We know MR meant pyramid and love in Ancient Khemet and that MR is also a title for a Moor, but we need more clarity.  Like they say, "be the change"...

We're breaking down PYRAMID into two words: PYRA/PYR + MID.  Let's begin.


From Latin: pyr, from Ancient Greek: πῦρ ‎(pûr, “fire”)

Greek: pyro-, combining form of pŷr "fire"

Greek: pur "fire"

So surprising to see that PYRA/PYR essentially means fire (insert sarcastic voice).  Now we have FIRE + MID, but did you notice how the spellings of PYRA/PYR trace back to be PUR?  Everything is everything, so PUR is the same of the word PURE.  PURE + MID.  Whoa.   Now I'm seriously interested THAT origin.  Let's take a gander.



From Middle English: pur, from Old French: pur, from Latin: purus ‎(“clean, free from dirt or filth, unmixed, plain”), from Proto-Indo-European: *peu-, *pu- ‎(“to cleanse, purify”).  Displaced native Middle English: lutter ‎(“pure, clear, sincere”) (from Old English: hlūtor, hluttor), Middle English: skere ‎(“pure, sheer, clear”) (from Old English: scǣre and Old Norse: skǣr), Middle English: schir ‎(“clear, pure”) (from Old English: scīr), Middle English: smete, smeate ‎(“pure, refined”) (from Old English: smǣte; compare Old English: mǣre ‎(“pure”)).

1250-1300; Middle English: pur < Old French < Latin: pūrus clean, unmixed,plain, pure

c.1300 (late 12c. as a surname, and Old English had pur lamb "lamb without a blemish"), "unmixed", also "absolutely, entirely", from Old French: pur "pure, simple, absolute, unalloyed", figuratively "simple, sheer, mere" (12c.), from Latin: purus "clean, clear; unmixed; unadorned; chaste, undefiled", from Proto-Indo-European root: *peue- "to purify, cleanse" (cf. Latin: putus "clear, pure"; Sanskrit: pavate "purifies, cleanses", putah "pure"; Middle Irish: ur "fresh, new"; Old High German: fowen "to sift"). 

Pure has the illustrious meanings of: clean, free from dirt, unmixed, purify, clear, sincere, sheer, simple, absolute, mere, undefiled, fresh and new.  That's PROFOUND.  More than a few of these words looks more than familiar, since we've down previous etymology posts on words like: MERE, CLARITY and SINGLE.  (Go read up on those for some extra insight.)  Funny to see that pure ties with clear/clarity and the Old English word for pure is "maere", as maere looks strikingly close to Mere/Moor.  True Moors are the light/love of the world and are here to bring the heat aka fire aka pyr/pyra.  PYRA + MID is now FIRE/LIGHT/MOOR/LOVE + MID.

MRY is also water, as M/mem is represented water/life//feminine principle since forever, so it's safe to say a pyramid is water, if life is water (which she is and she is love).  The physical sun is composed mostly water, ironically.  All in all, everything is everything.  Water is wisdom, that's how we reach enlightenment.  I know I'm repeating myself, but this is AMAZING info!

In Hebrew, pure is "bar/barar/ben" and also means owner and son.  Looks exactly like bear as well.  Word to Da13thsun™.  Go figure.

Now onto "mid".



From Middle English, from Old English: mid(“with, in conjunction with, in company with, together with, into the presence of, through, by means of, by, among, in, at (time), in the sight of, opinion of”, preposition), from Proto-Germanic: *midi ‎(“with”), from Proto-Indo-European: *medʰi-, *meta ‎(“with”).  Cognate with North Frisian: mits ‎(“with”), Dutch: met‎ (“with”), Low German: mit ‎(“with”), German: mit ‎(“with”), Danish: med ‎(“with”), Icelandic: með ‎(“with”), Ancient Greek: μετά ‎(metá, “among, between, with”), Albanian: me ‎(“with, together”), Sanskrit: स्मत् ‎(smat, “together, at the same time”).

Old English: mid "with, in conjunction with, in company with, together with, among," from Proto-Germanic: *medjaz (cf. Old Norse: miðr, Old Saxon: middi, Old Frisian: midde, Old High German: mitti, Gothic: midjis "mid, middle"), from Proto-Indo-European: *medhyo- "middle"

In an awe inspiring turn of events, MID means with, in conjuction with, in company with, together with, by means of, by, among, in, in the sight of and together.  Who would've thought a simple preposition would trace back to mean something with the essence of unity.

If we take the original meaning of PYRAMID, put the MID at the beginning and break it down to the core, we now can see WITH FIRE, WITH HEAT, WITH LIGHT, WITH MOOR, WITH LOVE, WITH LIFE.  ALL of these newly remembered variations are attributes and descriptions of TRUE Moors past, present and forever out here™.  As we briefly spoke on earlier, MR/MRY had a triple meanings of PYRAMID/BELOVED/WATER in ancient Khemet and now we have some more proof to that fact.  Moors ARE THe original divine daughters and sons, spirits and souls of Big Amma Mama and The Most Highs of all creation.  (Read our What is a Moor? post for clarity.)  At our best we are love; 13love is the highest frequency/vibration one can attain while on Earth.  Literally, at our very best, we are pyramids; a shining example of love, peace, truth, freedom, justice and righteous for all the willing souls around the world.  Protection from the harsh conditions and distractions of the world and light, love, knowledge and wisdom to the hungry and thirsty for eternal life (the kingdom of heaven).

The true and living meaning of getting inside of our pyramids is to be ourselves (aka back into our original child like state of minds; i.e. joyful and carefree) as the honorable Noble Drew Ali came to remind us a century ago.  The world is in dire need of pyramids all around the world.  Maybe that's why our ancestors left pyramids all over the world to help us remember to be who are.  Seastars and Seasuns created to assist and uplift fallen humanity as 13Love.  Children of The Most High(s).

Focus is fire.

Be the light of the world.

Forever Out Here™

Clarity Daily®

The soul of a seed, my reason to breathe.
— 13Clarity™