If you've ever wondered why we say "focus is fire".


1635-45; < Latin: fireplace, hearth

1640s, from Latin: focus "hearth, fireplace", of unknown origin, used in post-classical times for "fire" itself

Latin: focus, a fire, the hearth.

As we can see, focus literally means hearth and a fireplace.  I'm going to assume we all know what a fire place is, so let's take a closer look at hearth.


From Middle EnglishL herth(e), from Old English: heorþ, from Proto-Germanic: *herþaz, from Proto-Indo-European: *ker- ‎(“heat; fire”)

Old English: heorð "hearth, fire," in transferred use "house, home," from West Germanic: *hertho "burning place" (cf. Old Saxon and Old Frisian: herth, Middle Dutch: hert, Dutch: haard, German: Herd "floor, ground,fireplace"), from Proto-Indo-European: *kerta-, from root *ker- "heat, fire"

Interesting to realize that hearth looks like He/Arth, Hear/TH and Her/Earth at first glance.  Arth traces back to be mean bear and bear goes back to mean sun and star.  Whoa, stars shine or burn with light, as does fire and the sun DEFINITELY shines bright and brings the heat daily.  Whoa again.  Hear TH feels like it wants to be saying "hear The Most Highs".  What does hearing have to do with focus, you may ask?  Anybody can listen, but it takes a certain Most High given focus to actually hear in between the lines to see the whole picture.  

Only in silence does stillness begin to sound.
— 13Clarity™

I also can't help but hear "her earth" as I read this word over and over.  Big Amma Mama is HER and everything in this universe is her property.  The outside world throws so many distractions our way 24/7 that only a divine connection and focus on HER can overcome.  HE is HER sun too, don't forget.  I also see "heath" and that means land/moorland.  Moors physical bodies are made up of every mineral within earth.  Moors bear light and life all around the world.  Go figure.

All this talk about fire.  Let's see what she means.


From Middle English: fier, from Old English: fȳr ‎(“fire”), from *fuïr, a regularized form of Proto-Germanic: *fōr ‎(“fire”) (compare Saterland Frisian: Fjuur, West Frisian: fjoer, Dutch: vuur, Low German: Füer, German: Feuer, Danish: fyr), ultimately from Proto-Indo-European: *péh₂ur (compare Hittite: ‎(paḫḫur), Umbrian: pir, Czech: pýř ‎(“hot ashes”), Ancient Greek: πῦρ ‎(pûr, “fire”), Armenian: հուր ‎(hur, “fire”)) and perhaps Albanian: prush ‎(“embers”).

Saxon: fyr; German: feuer; Danish: vuur; Danish and Swedish: fyr; Coptic: pira, the sun; New Guinea: for

Fire is fire lol.  Surprising to see that other meanings trace back to "for" in New Guinea and "sun" in Coptic.  For or 4 is 13 (1 and 3) and the sun is literally nature's chief example of heat and light.  Fire.  Pira/Pyr reminiscent of pyramid, but soon you will see.

All in all, focus is attained be living the right way; loving yourself, doing what you love, loving and helping others do the same on your mission.  That right there will renew and sustain the sol/sun/fire within you forever out here.  Only the lightest and brightest of souls will receive that invite to that big dance we call the Kingdom of Heaven.  We're all 13 and have the ability to tape into ourselves to walk as Christ, if we choose to FOCUS on LIFE instead of death within the mundane distractions currently plaguing the world.  All praises due to The Most High Hashema/Hashem for the LIFE they give so their heirs can breathe and live in harmony.

Focus is the fire that true Moors will have within as we travel across the world to bring 13Love to all the righteous beings ready and willing to receive.

I guess you can say staying focused is like having Clarity Daily®

Forever Out Here™

Focus is best harnessed with stillness.
— 13Clarity™

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