This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you.
— John 15:12

1250-1300; (v.) Middle English: coma (u) nden; Anglo-French: com (m) a(u) nder; Old French: comander; Medieval Latin: commandāre, equivalent to Latin: com- com- + mandāre "to entrust, order" (cf. commend ); (noun) late Middle English: comma (u) nde

c.1300, from Old French: comander "to order, enjoin, entrust" (12c.), from Vulgar Latin: *commandare, from Latin: commendare "to recommend, entrust to" (see commend ), altered by influence of Latin: mandare "to commit, entrust"

From Old French: comander (modern French: commander), from Vulgar Latin: *commandare, from Latin: commendare, from com- +mandare, from mandō ‎(“I order, command”).

As you can see, on the surface, command essentially means to entrust from this initial inquiry.  Trust means faith, so "to instill with faith/trust/confidence" is a proper conclusion.  The Most High(s) have been known to entrust beings with "faith, confidence and life since before time existed.  If you've read a few of our older posts, you'll remember that the prefix com- means "with".  We then get "with faith/trust/confidence" or "entrusted with faith".  Interesting to see "man" as the root word; let's breakdown the etymology of mando next.



 From manus ‎(“hand, handwriting, power”) +‎  ‎(“I give, I offer or render”)

1510-20; Latin: hand



From Proto-Italic: *manus, from Proto-Indo-European: *meh₂-. Cognates include Old Norse mund, Old English: mund.



From Proto-Germanic: *mundō "hand, trust, security, protection, protector, guardian", from the Proto-Indo-European: *man- ‎(“hand”).

The faithful will forever be protected/guarded/trustworthy under the watchful eyes of The Most Highs.



From Middle English: hand, from Old English: hand ‎(“hand, side (in defining position), power, control, possession, charge, agency, person regarded as holder or receiver of something”), from Proto-Germanic: *handuz ‎(“hand”)

From Middle English: hand, from Old English: hand ‎(“hand, side (in defining position), power, control, possession, charge, agency, person regarded as holder or receiver of something”), from Proto-Germanic: *handuz ‎(“hand”)

Let's take a quick break to recap what we've read so far.  The meaning of hand (as of now) traces back to mean "power, control, possession, a holder of or receiver of something".  The question is, what is that "something"?  That something is faith, which simply put is the love of Big Amma Mama aka life herself.  A loving mind is a living mind.  Go figure.



From Pre-Germanic: *(k/ḱ)ontús, derived from the strong verb *hinþaną ‎(“to reach for, obtain”).

True love/life is always reaching to give life to those WILLING to receive.



From Proto-Indo-European: *kent- or *ḱent-

Reminds me of Clark Kent, but we won't go there just yet.

Kent from ken


Northern and Scottish dialects from Middle English: kennen, from Old English: cennan ‎(“make known, declare, acknowledge”) originally “to make known”, causative of cunnan ‎(“to become acquainted with, to know”), from Proto-Germanic: *kannijaną, causative of *kunnaną ‎(“be able”).  Cognate with West Frisian: kenne ‎(“to know; recognize”), Dutch: kennen ‎(“to know”), German: kennen ‎(“to know, be acquainted with someone/something”), Old Norse: kenna ‎(“know, perceive”).

"to know," Scottish dialect, from Old English: cennan "make known, declare, acknowledge" (in late Old English also "to know"), originally "make to know," causative of cunnan "to become acquainted with, to know"

WHOA!  Somehow hand traces all the way back to mean TO KNOW?!  Who would've thought such a thing (sarcasm lolr).  Let's tie everything together!  Command = com + mando or "with hand".  The complete spirit of hand means "to know".  Therefore, command means "with knowing or with knowledge".  I HIGHLY suggest you read our etymology post on Queen.  Once read, you'll innerstand that THE Supreme Queen of the entire universe, Big Amma Mama, is the possessor of all knowledge and truly IS knowledge herself as all knowledge comes from the womb.  Life comes from the womb.  To know is to live.  To know is to breathe.  Quite frankly, to know is to be.  Without question.

 If you read our What Is A Moor? post, you'll also connect the dots to see that Big Amma Mama passes down and sends that knowledge aka know how to her sons and daughters she calls her Moors (Loves), in an effort to uplift fallen humanity from death and rebirth them back to eternal life (within the arms (warm waters) of our Grand Mother (Mama/THE Most High/ALI SEA).  The true commanders of the world are those ROYAL bloodline of Moors/Heaven Sent Messengers/Serpents/Servants sent to set humanity straight and gather and prepare the #RighteousOnly for the journey back through those divine gates.  "The only way out is through the sun."  Funny enough, command also means "to have sight" and Amaru (a variation of Moor) means "to see and to know" as well.  Go figure.  We already know Moor means love, so in her true essence, command means "with faith, with trust, with love, with life".  Like I've said, "Love commands you to grow, hate whispers to stay the same."  A true and living Superman has always been a Moor, forever out here™.

13Love is the hand of Yah here to bestow grace upon his chosen few.
— 13Clarity™
Many men may scream and shout, yet sound speaks above them all.
— 13Clarity™

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